Bhutan Trekking

Some of best trekking routes in the world, Bhutan has always fascinated the insatiate traveler with its rugged beauty, lofty mountains and deep valleys untouched by modernization. Trekking in this Himalayan kingdom is a wonderful experience for any one who enjoys hiking and camping in rich natural habitats, meeting indigenous people and their cultures. The country ranges from the dense forest of subtropical jungles to the alpine shrubs, endowed with a wide spectrum of Himalayan flora and fauna. Trekking in Bhutan can not only be physically challenging but also mentally arduous. Weather is unpredictable and thus the spells for good high-altitude trekking are rather short about 3 weeks in April and 3-4 weeks in October. The chances of a completely blue-sky weather are most in the second half of April or the first three weeks of October. There are a number of low-altitude short-duration winter treks though. You may consider trekking these routes in other seasons as well. All our treks offered here are combination of natural discovery and insight into the unique culture and lifestyle of the people. The trail on each trek passes through the traditional ancient villages where the lifestyle of the villagers have seen a little change in over a century, you will get the chance to mingle with the locals, observe their custom and tradition, unique architectural houses, and the ancient monasteries.

Bhutan Most Popular Trekking

Bhutan Druk Path Trekking

Bhutan Druk Path Trekking

Duration: 09 Days | Grade: Moderate

Bhutan Durk Path is One of the most Scenic and popular treks. Which is relatively a short trek, it treks you...