Top 10 Question to Ask Before Traveling to Nepal Post Earthquake

After the massive earthquake of Nepal the ministary of Culture, Tourism & Civil Aviation has released a public statement for the assessment of demaged of Nepal. The government declear the areas which are least or none affected by the Earthquake. Nepal Paraglading
Among the various tourist destinations in Nepal, kathmandu valley and some of the popular trekking routes are affected. More than 20 monuments in kathmandu including UNESCO Heritage sites are partially or fully collapsed. There are many destinations suitated afar form the Earthquake are totally safe.

Only few monumental places and few trekking routes, listed below, are closed for a while.

1: Mount Everest Expedition has been closed for a year. No permit for climbing Everest for a year.
2: Langtang National Park and Langtang trekking route is affected. So they are closed.
3: Kathmandu Durbar Square has been closed for renovation. All the museums and heritage sites in square are locked for maintenance.
4: Tatopani – Khasa – ManSarover trekking route is closed for a while. The roads are blocked due to earthquake and the trekking route will be open very soon.
5: 100 meter road in Arniko Highway between Kausaltar- Lokanthali station is damaged but is absolutely good in condition after maintenance.

Altogether 31 renowned trekking routes are safe and ready to hit with footprints. 8 National Parks, 1 hunting reserve and 6 Conservation areas are safe and untouched by Earthquake. Pokhara is on so as Chitwan and Lumbini and all the tourist destinations.

Of course this is the right time to initiate disaster tourism to attention to the devasted region. Form the disaster tourism Nepal can get such initiation like inflow of tourist, money, temprorary employment, media attention and reports of zero level situation.

This is also the opportunity to help the affected people of Nepal. The tourist who visit Nepal at this situation can observe and learn about post-earthquake rehabilitation and redevelopment processes, also with helping local community by giving money or support. Natural diseaster can be happened anywhere in any time so Nepal can be the research place for the earthquake. which help to the future diseaster.

- Everest base Camp Trekking
- Gokyo lake Trekking
- Annapurna Base Camp Trekking
- Annapurna circuit trekking
- Ghorepani poonhill Trekking
- Mustang Trekking
- Dolpo Trekking
- Kanchenjunga Trekking
- Dhaulagiri Trekking

Tourism is one of the major economy source of Nepal which makes up 4.6 GDP. It helps to generate more than 400,000 jobs per year. You can directly help and involvement the locals. Your effort to visit nepal at this crisis time can boost the moral of the locals and help generate much needed jobs and income.

Lots of Love, memories. Most of the travellers have seen Nepal in its glory. At this time you can collect entirely different display.

All international and domestic flights are operating normally.
90 % hotels in Kathmandu are in full operation. The Government of Nepal is inspecting hotels to identify if the property is safe to stay or not considering the extent of damage caused by the recent earthquake.
Telephone services, Internet is operating as normal condition. Travelling is somehow a gathering and relax but at this situation of Nepal travelling is a opportunity to help the affected people and local economy. When you travel people get the employment, they get the chance to rise. Not only that this is the right time to collect the different display and experience as well.