Travel to Nepal After Earthquake

Nepal is the Shangri-La for Many backpackers. Where else you can have so many lifetime natural and cultural experience on a budget of dollars.

Pokhara Paragliding
The Himalayan country Nepal's capital city is kathmandu which is lies in the valley surrounding the great mountains. The roof of the world Mt Everest is beyond the reach of the average human. it take just two weeks to reach the Base Camp of Mt. Everest. The most popular trekking trek Annapurna circuit (18 days trek from pokhara) and others trekking trails like upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Kanchenjunga and other else offers spectacular scenery and experiences like drinking yak's milk, Local cultural experience. if you are physically or timely unable to trek, try one of the mountain sightseeing flights from Kathmandu.

Of course some trekking routes and some monuments are destroyed by the devastating earthquake of Nepal on 25 April 2015. Specially Langtang National Park and Manaslu conservation areas are quite destroyed. Rest of the areas are safe for trekking.

Rara Lake Trekking
There is more place to visit in Nepal than mountains. Jungle safari tour at Chitwan national park where one horm rhino sightseeing and other many More wild animals are guaranteed during Elephant back or walk safari. If you are lucly sometime you may spot a tiger. Bardiya national park and Koshitapu are also worthy place for safari tour. The country is also the birth place of Lord Buddha, The Lumbini is another spot for Buddhist pilgrimage. The area is covered by the hundreds of stupas and monasteries.

Another Natural city Pokraha where you will stand at the elevation of 800 meters and you can observe many beautiful peaks over 7000 meters. The city is totally safe from the massive earthquake. Even a single house is not destroyed at this region. The Lakes, natural cave, water fall, sunrise views from Sarankot and other fantastic moment touch each of those who are being tourist at Pokhara.

Geographically Nepal looks small on map, but once you visit you will understand why time is a blessing, A week is just enough for three sites of Kathmandu, Pokhara and Chitwan. Domestic flights are very cheap not more than $100.

Safe Trekking in Nepal after Earthquake
Now, the international medias are portraying Nepal as the state in totally devastated condition, but actually Nepal has not totally devastated except some parts. The affected areas are reconstructing now and tourist are not permitted in that are because of their safety. Rest of the areas which are untouched by the quake are open for visit.

This is the right time to visit Nepal. Your small help make huge differences at this time. Tourism industy is one of the major economy sources of Nepal Government. Being a tourist and spent a small amount for gathering and relaxing help the local economy, create employment and also give the positive message to the world that Nepal is not totally divested and till safe for travelling.