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Nepal, Known as Kingdom of Himalayas, also known as the Switzerland of Asia, is not only beautiful with its snow-capped mountains, crystal-clear lakes, gushing rivers, rare variety of flora and fauna, myriad temples and stupas but equally exotic as well. It,s a Shangri-La where people come with a hope of having a glimpse of Yeti, a mysterious abominable snow animal, or even in quest for nirvana or enlightenment. But at the same time it is a country where tradition and modernity intermingle with each other and peoples with diverse languages, religions and cultures co-exist.

Every year many documentary filmmakers from all over the world come to Nepal to capture the rich cultural heritage and diversity with their cameras. Some even come just to capture the rare natural beauty and virgin locales of the land. But even large-scale productions have been shot in Nepal. Films like The Little Buddha and The Golden Child have captured the glorious past, the diverse landscape, the rich cultural heritage and architectural splendor of the land. The Oscar-nominated Caravan, portraying fortitude of the people living amidst adverse natural conditions in Dolpo, a mountain district, has captured the majestic panorama of mountainous landscapes and lakes.

Besides this, numerous Bollywood films have been shot here, capturing the beautiful and exotic locales of the land. One major film Khudagawha, whose story was set in the acrid mountain deserts of Afghanistan, was shot in Nepal when it became impossible to continue shooting in Afghanistan. In 2001, 41 foreign films were shot in Nepal.

Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd offer the Documantary and Photography tour in Nepal who are seeking the right place to make Tele film, feture film, TV serial, News and documentaries on nature, culture, adventure and heritage: Nepal would be the one of the right destination. Thus, we invite all the interested adventure filmmakers for a fabulous filming trip to Nepal. We are sure that we will make your film trip to Nepal an interesting and forever memorable one. Accompanied by our hardworking, innovative, resourceful crew, we will escort you to places which you have never visited to all those Paradise which are yet to be explored.

Cost Include

  • All your arrival and final departure from airport- Hotel- airport
  • All your standard meals like, Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner, during the trek.
  • Tea house Accommodations during the trek.
  • Equipment like sleeping bag, Down Jacket & needed things etc if you do not have your own.
  • First aid service.

Cost Exclude

  • All your arrival and final departure from airport- Hotel- airport
  • All your standard meals like, Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner, during the trek.
  • Tea house Accommodations during the trek.
  • Equipment like sleeping bag, Down Jacket & needed things etc if you do not have your own.
  • First aid service.

Nepal Tourism Board can assist to shoot the documentary or show. The producer should send the script or theme in detail, where will to shoot, Where will show take place and who are the audiences . It is not necessary to have Liaison officer other many government hassling can be avoided. A nd the whole process can be faster and cheaper. Nepal Tourism Board, will work with Ministry of Information and Communication.

A general permit is required to film in Nepal. Permission is granted by the Ministry of Information and Communication. They will require you to complete an application form in accordance with the Film (Production, Exhibition & Distribution) Rules, 2026 B.E.

The following information will be required to complete this application:

  • Applicant's full name, nationality, home address, Passport No. issuing office & date and temporary address in Nepal.
  • If the Applicant is organization or company; its name, registration no, date and office address is required.
  • Information regarding the proposed film's name (title), type (genre), Language and technology (format) should be included.
  • A full list of all technicians and artists visiting Nepal including their full names, nationalities, professional status, copy of passport and temporary addresses in Nepal. On the part of Nepali artistes and technicians, quote the number required.
    Name of storywriter and if the story was published, the publisher's name. Also the song writer (lyricist's) name is required.
  • Consent letter from story and song writers or his/her heir.
  • Synopsis of the story or storyboard.
  • Specify whether the name of the film coincides with any film already produced or proposed.
    State approximate cost of the film, aim of film production, and any other relevant matters.
  • A complete list of all filmmaking equipment being temporarily imported into
  • Nepal, along with list of row stock / tapes etc.
  • Type of proposed film (Feature, Newsreel, Documentary or TV. production, etc.)
  • A list of the locations you wish to film in Nepal.
  • Proposed date of commencement of filming and duration.
  • Full details of the sequences to be photographed in Nepal.

Procedures for the licensing following documents are necessary:

  • Procedures for the licensing following documents are necessary:

  • Application form as prescribed by the rules affixing Nepalese

  • postal stamp amounting of NRS. 50. 00

  • Synopsis of the filming story.

  • Crewmembers with bio-data.

  • Equipment list with values for custom clearance.

  • Daily Program (Itinerary)

License to produce feature films shall remain valid for three years. As regards other films the license shall remain valid for one year. A Liaison Officer shall be deputed by the Ministry of Communications. The concerned party (film producer) shall provide the Liaison Officer with local transport, ground or air transport and board etc. When shooting is conducted in locations where night accommodation is required the producer shall provide the Liaison Officer with first class accommodation, full board, clothes and equipment (non-refundable) in mountainous areas when necessary. The film producer will pay the Liaison Officer remuneration as per rules of the ministry. The Liaison Officer is empowered to prohibit the shooting of any sequence of the film which, in his judgment, is not in the interest of the public good. Films damaging national prestige, culture, tradition or religious values and sensibility or those presenting scenery of the notified areas by Nepal government cannot be made or produced. The presence of the Liaison Officer is compulsory at all times of shooting. In this regard it is important to note that Liberty Holidays Inc. will be able to reduce lead times in obtaining all necessary licenses and general film permit and other necessities; and to co-ordinate with government officials, Liaison Officer and other individuals as well. Before commencement of shooting in Nepal, Liberty Holidays Inc. will procure all licenses and permits required, after paying all specified fees and taxes wherever needed.

Custom Clearance
Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd will receive the film crew at the Tribhuvan International Airport in Kathmandu or at any border point in Nepal, to clear through customs, all film equipment and raw stock brought into the country. After the 'shoot' (while returning), our team will again clear all equipment and raw stock and tapes at the airport or border point. In short we give you a 'hassle free' experience throughout your entire shooting in Nepal.

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