Nepal Education Tour

Nepal Educational Tour

Nepal is a one of the best destination for educational tours, research work and excursions. It is an open book; anyone can explore the pages in any time within the minimal budget and time with sophisticated and enjoying the new taste. The wide ranges of subjects are available for the students and researchers who are planning of educational tour in Nepal and it offers historical and cultural tours, wildlife and ecology tours, meditation and yoga, spiritual and pilgrimage tours and anthropological and sociological tours, etc as per interest and timeframe of the groups.

Visit to artistic historical palaces, temples, monasteries, museums and learn about the art and architecture of ancient time’s attracts everyone. One can observe how beautifully the Hindu temples and shrines are sculptured and carved in the Kathmandu Valley. The exquisite calligraphy and carvings on amazing works of art, skill of painters and artists who created mural and images will fill the minds of the visitors. Visit to Nepal’s National Parks will bring the sight of elephants, tigers, bears, leopards, deer, monkeys, and many species of animals, birds and plants The biodiversity and natural wealth of the country is truly astounding and waits to be explored. Student can observe complete ecosystem in the national park. Enjoy getting closer to Nature on educational tours in Nepal.

An adventure excursions in the high mountain in the world would be great experience for all of the students. Global Holidays Adventure designs any kind of trip to cater for students who are scheduling to make an educational tour. By the help of skilled and experience teacher s and guides it generates bountiful opportunities for students to learn about new cultures, then natural world and alternative religion.The electrifying activities which can be done by the students in Nepal are trekking, hiking, river rafting, jungle safari, tented camp trek etc.

Nepal Educational Tour Packages

Nepal Educational Tour

Cultural Education Tour with River Rafting

Duration: 10 Days | Grade: Easy

Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd offers innumerable quests of new knowledge and experiences to the energic students