Volunteering in Nepal

Nepal Rebuild and Recovery Volunteering Programs

Recently Nepal was hit by a massive 7.8-magnitude Earthquake on 25 April 2015 and a major aftershock 7.3 magnitude on 12 May 2015. The result of the devastated earthquake is unimaginable. Over 9,000 people has been killed, more than 22,000 injured, nearly 50,000 public houses are damaged and 6,000 schools are destroyed where near 1 million children can't back to school. As a whole 8 million Nepalese are affected. The scale of destruction is grand that Nepal alone cannot reconstruct it. Therefore we need the help of international volunteers. Especially we have make volunteering programs to rebuild the school building and temporary houses of the worth affected districts of Nepal. But we have to move fast to try some rebuilding before monsoon season hits. Anyone interested to help in this massive reconstruction and can get to Nepal during this terrible situation please join our team then we will go ahead together.

Still there are many remote villages where every house is collapsed or too unstable to use. And also some villages where relief supplies haven't reached yet. People of the remote areas are needed much help but we ourselves help is make them survive only. Our small support can not make a big difference for that we need your help at this situation.

Rebuilding Schools
UNICEF reports that more than 1.7 million children are affected by the massive earthquake of Nepal. Not only that children are lost their house but also lost their school. More than 6000 schools are worthly affected where the they studied and dream of becoming engineer, pilot, doctor, leader and so on. At this situation they don't have place to go for study and learning new things from their friends and teachers.Rebuild school in Nepal

Program Details

Everest Kalapattar Trekking

Nepal Volunteering Program - 10 Days

We are focusing the four village of the Gorkha and school building of these villages which are completely collapse. Depending upon the size of group whether we will work...

Everest Kalapattar Trekking

Nepal Rebuilding Volunteering and Annapurna Base Camp Trekking - 19 Days

Depending on your time, once you done the volunteering activities at this situation of Nepal that can help the tourism...