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Nepal Tour

Nepal, the haven in the earth, is a wonderful Himalaya country. Named as Shangri-La, roof of the world, Living culture Museum, birth place of Lord Buddha and country of living Goddess. Nepal offers an amazing diversity of sightseeing attraction, mountaineering adventure tourism and eco tourism which are important attraction for visitors. 14 highest peaks of the world, the eight highest peaks including Mt. Everest are lies in Nepal. These attraction makes Nepal is one of the most beautiful and popular world travel destination for travelers from all over the world. For Adventure's travelers Nepal is best place to do great trekking and mountaineering in the Himalaya with diverse landscapes and culture and huge range of places. Beside that Nepal is very rich country in exotic wildlife, unique culture, tradition, festivals, ancient heritage, pristine backwater and exotic cuisine. Here are thousands of Natural, historical, cultural and religious attractions which are not available out of the Nepal.

Nepal Most Popular Tour Packages

Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour

Nepal Packages Tour

 Nepal, nestled between China and India, is boasts eight of the world's ten highest himalayas including world highest summit Mt. Everest and one of the Hindu monarchy country in the world...

Pokhara Tour

Nepal Wildlife Tour

Nepal is one of the most spectacular countries on earth. What makes this mystical mountain kingdom so special is its warm and friendly people, and extraordinary blend of Buddhist and Hindu culture...

Kathmandu CHitwan Tour Packages

Nepal Family Holidays Tour

Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd designed family Holiday in Nepal is specially for our guests who are interested to experience Nepal with the family members. Nepal is an ideal family holiday destination. Nepal is synonymous with its mighty Himalaya...

Nepal Honeymoon Tour

Nepal Honeymoon Tour

Honeymoon Tour, In the modern sense became common during the as one of the first instances of modern mass tourism. This came about in spite of initial condemnation by modern medical opinion...

Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Tour

Nepal Tibet and Bhutan Tour

Duration: 18 days | Grade: Moderate

Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan the ultimate travel destination in south Asia. Nepal the land of Mount Everest.

Nepal pilgrimage Tour

Nepal Pilgrimage Tour

We offer the Pilgrimage Holidays Package in all over Nepal and Tibet. Around the world, Nepal is one of the best place to explore the religious sites...

Nepal Cultural Tour

Nepal Cultural and Festival Tour

Nepal has rich cultural history Because of Nepal’s vast diversity in altitude that has reflected to our unique culture. It's culture consists of the social customs and traditions...

Kathmandu Pokhara Lumbini Tour

Nepal Educational Tour

Nepal is a one of the best destination for educational tours, research work and excursions. It is an open book; anyone can explore the pages in any time within the minimal budget and time with sophisticated and enjoying the new taste...

Nepal Spiritual Tour

Nepal Spiritual Tour

Yoga is a spiritual science that has Been practiced and developed by the rishis and sages of India over thousands of years. Yoga implies harmoniously integrating the body.