Adventure on Demand – Motorcycle Diaries to Tibet and Everest Base Camp

Published on: January 22, 2024
Tibet Tour

Friday May 2, 2023, in a bustling city where routines and responsibility dictated daily life. It was just another regular day at office. Everyone in the office was clearing the mess from the season as spring was about to end for 2023. It was a sunny afternoon when the message pops up I WANT TO GO FOR ADVENTURE.

Alex was the guy on the other side, he told he has been in Kathmandu for couple of days and while he was browsing on the internet, he come across the website of Global Holidays Adventure. He was fascinated by our specialization on motorcycle tours. As he read about our legendary motorcycle expedition to Tibet, Alex’s heart raced with excitement.

Eager to embark on this extraordinary journey, Alex reached out to Global Holidays Adventure to inquire about the trip. A friendly representative named David responded promptly, expressing his enthusiasm for organizing the adventure. David, passionate traveler himself, understood the yearning for exploration and connected instantly with Alex’s spirit of adventure.

Just over few conversation David precisely planned every aspect of the motorcycle ride to Tibet. The route would take them through awe-inspiring landscapes, challenging terrains, and remote villages, providing an authentic experience of Tibetan culture and natural beauty. Alex was overjoyed with the thought of riding through the majestic Himalayas and immersing himself in the unique Tibetan way of life.

Alex waited for few days and all the paper works were ready in order to travel Tibet. While all the documents processing was done they choose the bike they both want to ride. It was Royal Enfield Himalayan (411cc). They are just wandering around the hills of Kathmandu on a motorcycle as both of them had to wait for Tibet travel permit which takes 15 days maximum in order to be issued. As the departure date approached, May 20, 2023 Alex’s excitement reached its peak. He eagerly packed his gear, including a strong motorcycle, appropriate clothing for varying weather conditions, and essential camping equipment. Meanwhile, David ensured that all the necessary permits, accommodations, and support vehicles were arranged for the journey.

The two adventurers, fueled by their shared passion for exploration, set off on their powerful motorcycles, their spirits high and hearts filled with anticipation. The first part of their journey took them through picturesque valleys and winding mountain roads of Nepal. They encountered challenging terrains, crossing small streams and navigating narrow paths with breathtaking views. The pure beauty of the landscape and the refreshing air restored their spirits, urging them to push forward. After all the permit formalities at the boarder of Nepal and China they finally get Tibetan land.

Along the way, they visited ancient monasteries, where the serene chants and vibrant prayer flags fluttering in the wind created a spiritual atmosphere. Despite facing occasional setbacks and unforeseen obstacles, their determination and companionship fueling their progress. Together, they ride through harsh weather conditions, overcoming heavy rainfall, strong winds, and freezing temperatures. Each challenge they encountered only strengthened their bond and deepened their appreciation for the raw beauty of the Tibetan landscape. Reaching Everest base camp on motorbike was amazing feeling they both shared.

Finally, after 6 days of roller-coaster ride, they arrived at their ultimate destination: Lhasa, the capital city of Tibet. Alex was in awe as he stood before the magnificent Potala Palace, a witness to Tibet’s rich cultural heritage. The memories they had created, the people they had met, and the adventures they had shared would forever hold a special place in their hearts.

As their remarkable motorcycle journey came to an end, Alex and David reflected on their incredible experience. They had not only fulfilled their thirst for adventure but also gained a profound understanding of the resilience and hospitality of the Tibetan people. The journey had transformed them, leaving an indelible mark on their souls.

With a bittersweet feeling, Alex and David bid farewell to Tibet, knowing that they had embarked on an adventure of a lifetime. They knew that they would forever cherish the memories and look back on this incredible journey as a proof to the human spirit’s as solid thirst for exploration.

And so, Alex returned home, his heart filled with gratitude for the opportunity to have experienced the adventurous motorcycle ride to Tibet. He knew that the friendship he had forged with David and the memories they had created would endure, inspiring him to continue seeking new horizons and embracing the magic of exploration.

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