Best Trekking Seasons in Nepal

Published on: January 26, 2018
Best trekking Seasons in Nepal

Every year thousands of traveler travel to Nepal. Beautiful by its nature and cultural heritage once is not enough. The Best season for travel in Nepal start from March to May and September to December. Autumn, September to November is cool but sky is clear it is perfect season for trekking/tour in Nepal. Although most of the Hindu religious festivals are celebrated during this season. So traveler can experience the Himalayan adventure value and cultural value.

December and January climate and visibility are good, though it is winter season so it is very cold at high altitudes, low land trekking is perfect in this season. June and July are not best times to visit because it is extremely hot and heavy rainfall. Total width of Nepal is about 200 km on average, but within this short distance wide altitude variation the land rises from 58m above sea level to 8848m, in this way the weather and climate depends on topographical extremities and altitude of the place in Nepal. Clothing depends on place and time, however, it is recommended to have both light and warm clothing, because morning and evening can be quite cool.

Major Seasons
Autumn: Sept, Oct and Nov are is best times of the year to visit Nepal. During autumn season, dry climate which offer clear views, least rain, temperature fluctuating between 200 C to 300 C. Teej, Dashain, Tihar, chath and Christmas festival fall during these months. Travel to Nepal in autumn season provides an opportunity to see and celebrating these festivals.

Winter: Winter is perfect for travel and tours in lower elevation; below 3000 meters, winter starts from Dec to Feb are cool and mostly clear. The morning and evening are very cold while the afternoon is pretty sunny. Temperature of winter rises from 150C to 200 C (590 F to 680 F). Winter considered the less tourist seasons of Nepal.

Spring: Spring season is the perfect and best time to travel Nepal specially mountain region. Many people from different part of the world visit Nepal in spring. Spring starts from March to May are warm months; temperature of this season fluctuates between 200 C to 300 C. Rhododendrons bloom and mountain slopes covered with colorful flowers.

Summer: Summer season is known as the monsoon season in Nepal. Summer starts from June to August, which considered the less tourist seasons of Nepal. July and August are monsoon with lots of rain, Himalaya range hidden behind the clouds, but still you have great chance to trekking behind the Himalayas Manang, Mustang and Dolpo region. Summer season ranges between 23 to 250 Celsius weather is hot and wet at times. Monsoon is the best time to watch the cascading waterfalls in the high mountain region.

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