Border Of Nepal Opens For Tourists Coming By Air, Land Borders Remain Closed

Published on: December 16, 2020


In the recent news published by the Department of Immigration of Nepal, it has been announced that Nepal has started accepting tourists that are planning to visit Nepal via the air. After nine months of restricting tourists because of the ongoing corona pandemic, Nepal has finally restored the tourist visas and foreign visitors are now free to fly into the country, the Department of Immigration said, but the land borders are still closed.

Department of Immigration further added by saying, “Issuance of tourists entry visa from Nepali diplomatic missions abroad has resumed. Only travelers with a pre-approval and recommendation of the government will be allowed entry overland.”

According to the statement, on-arrival visas will be provided at Tribhuwan International Airport only to representatives and families of diplomatic missions, UN agencies, international organizations, and non-resident Nepalis without any pre-approval letters and recommendations. 

Nepal had initially planned the year 2020 to be “Visit Nepal 2020” year and was planning to host at least 2 million tourists by the end of the year and was expecting to collect $2 Billion in tourism-related revenues. However, the whole plan came to a halt because of the unfortunate Covid-19 outbreak. 

Furthermore, according to the Immigration Department, all travelers must have a Covid-19 negative report (RT-PCR/gene Xpert/True NAAT or equivalent) obtained within 72 hours prior to their departure from the first port or the entry point to Nepal. Children below five years are exempt from this rule. Tourists will also need to get tested for Covid-19 after five days of the isolation period before they are allowed to travel.

Now, after the break of the announcement, there seems to be a certain enthusiasm to get the tourism business back to normal. As the tourism business equates to at least 8% of the total GDP of the country, Nepal being a developing country, the news of lockdown and pandemic was a hard pill to swallow for all. Hopefully, in the coming months, tourism will flourish once again in the country.

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