Lukla Airport | Gate way to Everest Trekking Nepal

Published on: November 29, 2017
Lukla Airport - Gate way to Everest Trekking

A remote tourist destination in Nepal, a small town of Lukla is the gate way of Mt. Everest Base Camp trekking and climbing. It is very small airport where only winter plane can land. The place lukla is only accessible by flight from Kathmandu. There is no roads going to the Lukla. Travelers to lukla have to go either flight or trek in from the nearest town where road access is available. The Luka airport is called Tenzing-hillary Airport is located at the elevation of 2,800 meters is sits on the side of mountains.

The airport was built by sir Edmund Hillary in 1965 after 12 years he become first summiteer of world highest peak mt Everest.

Scenery of lukla airport

Lukla is the starting point of all trekking and climbing in Khumbu region, Loacted at the elevation of 2860 meters Lukla offers verities of shops, lodges and western style Meals.

When you arrive or leave from Lukla the beautiful mountains views are always smiling with white snows. During the Hillary expedition Lukla was made base camp for expedition.

Flight Schedule and flight cost for Kathmandu Lukla

There is everyday flight from Kathmandu to Lukla during day light in good weather condition. This is very short flight which takes 30-40 minute from Kathmandu. High wind, cloud over and changing visibility often flights are delayed and cancel. Only the small twin-engine Dornier can make flight because of short landing and takeoff distances.

Normally flight from Kathmandu to Lukla open in early morning from 6:00 AM to 11:00 AM and The flight cost is $180 per person for one way. Price is not variation for high and low seasons. Also there is no first and economic class on the flights. Passengers are allowed to carry 10 Kg luggage’s limit per person.


Lukla airport is contained within a chain link fence and patrolled by Nepal army and police. Along with the run way there is one heli pad bellow 150 m from new air traffic control tower. There is just a single terminal for arrival and departure.

Many people believe that Lukla airport is the most dangerous airport in the world.

Lukla airport is often referred to as the most dangerous airport in the world, If you have never landing at this airport, you will know why. The runway is very short 1500 ft long and ends with an abrupt drop into the river valley below. The runway is set at a 12 percent incline, that mean the pilot have to be more skilled then other sector. Landing is done on the uphill incline, to aid slowing down, while take-offs are done going downhill, to aid in the increase in speed needed to take off. The airport has bad reputation and always present in list of dangerous airport in the world. In first time when you land in Lukla airport you will fill nervous but after it will be use to. Considering the amount of traffic it is not more dangerous than driving your car in a busy road.

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