Mount Everest Just Got a Little Bit Taller !

Published on: December 8, 2020
The New Height of Mount Everest 8848.86 meters

It is globally recognized and acknowledged as being the tallest mountain, and the tallest point on the earth. So, it is not news that it is a giant. Mount Everest used to stand tall at an incredible height of 8848m (29028.87 ft), however, after the joint effort by both Nepal Government and China Government, Mount Everest was measured again and astonishingly the height of Mount Everest has increased by at least 2 feet, it has been claimed.

The previous height of the peak was released in 1958 and it stated that the height of Mount Everest was 8848m above sea level, a number that is still recognized by many countries and map publishers.

According to the National Geography, Khimlal Gautam, chief survey officer for the project of re-scaling Mount Everest, summited Everest with four teammates and deployed a GPS receiver, along with ground-penetrating radar to measure the depth of the snow piled on top of the rock. But after the Survey Department of Nepal completed its fieldwork last year, the project became mired in international politics. During Chinese President Xi Jinping’s state visit to Nepal in October 2019, officials announced that the two countries would cooperate in re-surveying the mountain, delaying the revelation of the new height. A team of Chinese surveyors was at work on the north side of the mountain this spring measuring the summit using China’s network of Beidou satellites, a rival to the GPS system.

After the completion of the mapping of the new elevation of Mount Everest from both teams, the new height of Mount Everest was finally on December 8, 2020. According to the recent finding, Mount Everest now stands 8848.86 (29,031 feet) above sea level. That is two feet higher than the altitude previously recognized by the government of Nepal.

However, Mr. Khimlal Gautam further added saying,  “In survey mapping, we can’t find the exact point or altitude. We’re trying to find the MPV: most probable value.”

With the recent announcement of the new height of an already giant peak, there is sure to be a buzz amongst the mountaineers and adventurers alike around the world to scale the mountain on its new glory. The new revelation will surely be music to ear for Nepalis and something to take further pride in an already treasured national heritage.

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