Educational and Stationary Distribution by Kiwanis Club of Manakamana Nepal!

Published on: December 15, 2019
Educational and stationary distributions by Kiwanis Club of Manakamana Nepal

With various approaches and attempts, Nepal was successful to reduce the poverty rate by 2015. But the massive earthquake that took place on April, 2015 in Nepal made a large impact on the poverty rate with a tremendous loss of people, their households and belongings. Nepal is still one of the poorest countries of the world with a PCI of $1034 in 2018. About 21% of the total population are still living under the poverty line fighting with the daily fulfillment of the basic needs; food, shelter and clothing. Most of the rural parts of the country are under developed and lifestyle of such places is very difficult.

Stationary distributions to Kids Stationary distributions to Kids !

Various NGOs and INGOs are organizing and conducting many programs and seminars related with the elimination of poverty in Nepal. Kiwanis International is one of the international organizations who work for the welfare of the children in different parts of the world. Children of different communities have their own needs so, Kiwanis international forms clubs in different communities and help children to grow and support their education. Nepal became a member of Kiwanis International on 2015 with an aim of serving the needy children of the rural parts. With the membership of Kiwanis Nepal, many clubs are founded under Kiwanis Nepal to support its aim and eliminate poverty in Nepal.

Stationary distributions to Kids Kids holding school bag and stationary !

Likewise, Kiwanis club of Manakamana, Nepal is a community of Kiwanis Nepal which works for the welfare of children in rural parts of Nepal. It was founded by Mr. Samsher Parajuli as a Charter President who is also the found of Global Holidays Adventure P Ltd together with his co-founder of Global Holidays Adventure P. Ltd Mr. Samsher Parajuli and others 16 friends under the Kiwanis Nepal community on 2017 to support its works and activities for serving the children. The two founders of Global Holidays Adventure , chartered president-Mr. Shamsher Parajuli and elected president is Mr. Surya Bahadur Thapa who have been playing managerial role and providing financial support for different project and campaign of the club. They believe that certain percent from the income of their Tourism business can be utilized for the poverty elimination process which can be a very good way to solve some problems of the country. This can be a very good example for the slogan “a simple act of care creates endless ripples”. This can inspire other personnel and entrepreneur to participate in social works too.

Stationary distributions to Kids Stationary distributions to Kids !

Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd. is a renowned government registered company providing quality tourism services and travel support to the travellers visiting Nepal. Tourism is a largest industry of Nepal which is a very reliable source of foreign currencies and revenue. Travelers from different part of the world come to Nepal because of its rich diversity in culture and nature and spend foreign currency which helps to increase the revenue of a country. A certain percent of such revenue that are generated by tourism sectors can be utilized or invested for the children’s welfare and development. Why not try solving our poverty problem from our own side.

Being a member of Kiwanis, We, Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd., are also giving our best to help and support the works of Kiwanis. We have decided to help the poor and needy children of different rural parts of Nepal. People of rural areas are poor themselves which is a hinder to provide proper education and necessary equipment for their children. So, we are focusing to utilize certain percent of our profit on the educational side of the rural parts by providing some educational materials and uniforms to the needy children. This time, we are providing school bags, 2 set of uniform and all the required stationeries for the year to 50 students of Lamjung and 80 students of Rukkum. Rukkum and Lamjung come under the rural district of Nepal. They are under developed and fighting with the poverty problem.

Stationary distributions to Kids Stationary distributions to Kids !

Furthermore, we are planning and managing to distribute more stationeries and educational materials to other rural parts of Nepal. We are also planning various campaign and projects in more upcoming days from Kiwanis club of Manakamana, Nepal for the poverty elimination and importance of the children in future. Poverty has always been one of the major problems of Nepal which should be eliminated. We will provide as much help and support as possible for the goal achievement and activities of Kiwanis International. Children are the future of a country and every individual should be conscious of the problem and should provide support from their side as Nelson Mandela once said: “Overcoming poverty is not a gesture of charity; it is an act of justice”

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