Helicopter Charter in Nepal

Published on: January 19, 2023
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We Global Holidays Adventure provide service of  helicopter charter in Nepal with the objective to make your journeys hassle-free. Whether it’s for personal need or business purpose you can have it all. Helicopter allows you to reach rural parts of Nepal in your time. You can also enjoy charter flights in order to reach different basecamps or mountains for travel purposes with the most notable advantage of point-to-point travel

Details for Helicopter Charter in Nepal

The fastest and quickest way to explore the amazing jewels of Nepal, The Himalayas in a single day. The charter helicopter can take you to destination of your choice. Helicopter tour in Nepal will let you explore the gigantic mountains to freshwater glacier lakes of Nepal.

If you are interested to explore more in less time then whirling on a charter helicopter could be suitable option for you. There is not any age restriction as kids to the old aged people every one can enjoy helicopter flights. Overviewing snowy mountain tops, shimmering lakes nestled in mountains, dense forest are some definite views that you will get on the helicopter tours.

Helicopter tour is an ideal choice in order to feel the adventure and it makes you feel like you are in the movie. Watching pilot controlling the chopper on of the most beautiful yet challenging places in the world while listening to radio communication from tower at the ground which lets your eye wander around the places is an experience of a lifetime

Most helicopter used in Nepal are Bell Jet Rangers, AStars Ecureuil as350 B1, B2 and B3. Manufactured in France this machines are well suited for mountainous terrain and passengers comfort. Usually such chopper carries 5 passenger including Pilot but depending upon altitude carrying capacity may vary. Such commercial helicopter are used in order to fill the void where flights cannot operate due to weather conditions which might cause discomfort or safety issue for the tours which might get cancelled for the day.

Helicopter flights provides a degree of flexibility that fixed wing aircraft don’t have. The convenience of flying direct to your exact location in different circumstance where airplane cannot fly, you can fly on helicopter in comfort and in style.

Helicopter Charter price in Nepal

Helicopter flights are perfect for accessing the place which are hard to reach. Either it’s a remote location where there is no airport or some special event, helicopters are ideal solution for many clients need. Charter helicopter are excellent solution for sightseeing, aerial photography as well as emergency medical evacuation

sn particulars price
1 Everest Helicopter Tour $1250 Each Person
2 Annapurna Helicopter Tour $2500 for 4 person.
3 Muktinath Helicopter Tour $5000 for 4 person

Some of the major helicopter destination

  • Everest base camp helicopter tour
  • Annapurna base camp helicopter tour
  • Gosaikunda helicopter tour
  • Muktinath helicopter tour
  • Langtang helicopter tour
  • Mardi himal helicopter tour
  • Damadar Kunda helicopter tour
  • Kathmandu to Lukla helicopter ride and many more.

Other then the tours and some personal reasons helicopter charter is used as air ambulance too. The helicopter operators use charter flights in order rescue the pregnant women, injured old as well as young people in the rural Nepal. The do operate emergency rescue for the trekkers as well as climbers high up in the Himalayas. The work they do is really hard in terrain this wild where the only way to get out of trouble is often by air. Rescued survivors and removed bodies from altitudes that high, few would fly in relying on an oxygen tank to stave off hypoxia.

It’s really hard to make the judgment as people really are dying up there and the weather is challenging and unpredictable. Nepal’s air rescue industry as it has been tarnished in recent years by a scam where some travel companies and guides faked rescues to get insurance kickbacks.

The charter helicopter are also used to carry goods high up in the Himalayas. The cargo helicopter like Mi17 along with commercial helicopter are used to carry daily essential for hotels and people living in Himalayas. Ever wondered why goods up in the higher altitude are expensive, here you got the reason.

Why with us

Apart from above mentioned and described tours we often make arrangement for many others pristine as well as popular places in Nepal. It’s more like you demand we fulfill with all the necessary requirements like permits, safety, experienced Pilots and many other miniature details that one unintentionally tends to avoids.

We do offer sharing helicopter tours where in one chopper is filled with five persons including Pilot. Depending upon altitude we also make separate flight as there are some places up there in Himalayas due to some technical issue with altitude flying regarding the weight of the chopper five people at once cannot reach there so we avoid such risky task flying with all five people on board. If you are single person and interested in such tours sharing chopper with other make it more budget friendly as well as you could make some new friends and memory the will be cherished during rest of your life.

Booking with a local travel exerts saves your time and money. We are always flexible to customize your itineraries based on your preference. We are always here right from the beginning and after the trip. For a decade we are operating an outstanding Helicopter tour in Nepal for thousands of clients all around the world. We promise the best cost and valuable services for the tour. We do offer various mountain flights, pilgrimage flights and sightseeing flights in affordable prices, yet quality service. Join us and make some memories together

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