Helicopter Tour Services in Nepal

Published on: September 22, 2022
Nepal Helicopter services

Well, the experience of sightseeing in a turbine helicopter as it whisks you to the one of the most beautiful alpine regions of Nepal where you discover the highlights of Nepal hovering over the Himalayas. The experience of unique atmosphere of places like Everest Base Camp, Annapurna Base camp, Mardi himal, Gosainkunda (lake), Muktinath and Damador kunda (lake) and many other pristine and picturesque places. Watching pilot controlling the chopper on of the most beautiful yet challenging places in the world while listening to radio communication from tower at the ground which lets your eye wander around the places is an experience of a lifetime.

Most helicopter used in Nepal are Bell Jet Rangers, Astars Ecureuil as350 B1, B2 and B3. Manufactured in France this machines are well suited for mountainous terrain and passengers comfort. Usually such chopper carries 6 passenger including Pilot but depending upon altitude carrying capacity may vary. However, machines like Mi-17, HAL Dhruv, Euro copter AS350 and Augusta Westland AW139 are generally used by Nepal Army for various purposes. Such commercial helicopter are used in order to fill the void where flights cannot operate due to weather conditions which might cause discomfort or safety issue for the tours which might get cancelled for the day.

Best Helicopter Rides in Nepal

Usually such helicopter tours are for the people who have limited time and wants to experience the best out of Nepal where eight of the top ten highest mountains are located. One could get the optimum experience in short time as such rides can be finished within few hours only.

So if think you are unable to trek due to physical fitness or impurities or have fear of altitude sickness and have limited time in order to trek then such tours are designed for you. If you are visiting Nepal for business or any other work and have limited time but you want to get to mountain such heli rides are waiting for you in order to take you to trekkers paradise which is into the mountains.

Even though people think Nepal is small country but the thing napalm has to offer has a world inside a small country which is blessed by almighty himself and filled with various mountains, wildlife, variety of flora and fauna and many more. Due to its diverse land topography this place has a lot to offer. Such tour also offers a view which cannot be seen through trails as well.

1. Everest Helicopter Tour

The dream of every trekkers and many people from all around the world in order to get to Everest base camp which takes you to many days of mountain sunshine and challenging altitude and few rough  terrain in order to reach there. Imagine getting up in some random nice hotel room with a pick up waiting for you to take you to one of the greatest places in the world via helicopter where you could fly like a bird in the Everest region with the view of snowcapped mountains from the window.

Dramatic change of geography along with the topography can be noticed as the flight moves further. You will fly over Namche Bazar, the gateway of Mt. Everest. The beautiful hotel settlements around the hills of Namche Bazar can catch your eyes and looks amazing. The flight will pass by the beautiful mountain peak, Ama Dablam.

Landing at Kalapatthar where you will be seeing the giant mountain like it is in your backyard along with many other mountains. Kalapatthar (5242m) is surrounded by mountain summits from each side. You can enjoy the 360° mountain views with Everest, Pumori (the mountain daughter in Sherpa language) and Lhotse summit. The summit of Everest is not visible from its base camp so most of the climbers and trekkers come to Kalapatthar to admire the summit view of Everest. 10 to 15 minutes time will be given at Kalapatthar after landing to capture photos and videos around the place.

One could get a chance to have a breakfast in the finest of the finest, Hotel Everest view which is one of the tallest place where five star category hotel being operated. Admiring the views of the Everest and other, having a palate full breakfast in one of the highest located place in earth which is a lifetime experience. You could also meet a lot of trekkers and hear their story and tell your experience. Such trip also encourage a lot of interaction with other people which will take you out of your comfort zone and makes you realize a lot about things. As it is always said you must expand your comfort zone in order to get comfortable.

2.Annapurna Base Camp (ABC)

One of the major tourist destinations of Nepal where large number of domestic as well as international tourist visit Annapurna Base Camp throughout the year. It is situated at an altitude of 4,130 m. and is surrounded by Mt. Annapurna I, Annapurna South, Fishtail and Hiunchuli. Annapurna-I is the world’s 10th highest peak with an elevation of 8,091 m. At this tour to base camp, you can witness views of snow-covered peaks both named as well as unnamed.

The sunrise and sunset view from Annapurna base camp is one of the best things you have ever experienced. The natural color combination during the sunrise, sunset and even during night turning every surrounding peak into gold, red and many other color that’s why Himalayas in Nepal are called majestic which will cherish everyone’s heart.

Usually, designed for the non-trekkers and the luxurious adventure seekers, or someone with limited time as well as people with fear of altitude sickness and is suitable for people of any age group ABC helicopter tour can be a great alternative to enjoy the base camp in one day or within few hours.

Spare day in Pokhara there is always an option in order to hop in a helicopter and get to the majestic mountains where Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour take off from Pokhara Airport, the nearest departure point from Annapurna conservation area where, for the one-way flight to base camp takes 30 minutes. Safety is our number one concern and we do not compromise.

Hovering over the enchanting city of Pokhara overlooking the magical Fewa Lake and formally begin your helicopter tour to the Annapurna Base Camp. After a 30-minute flight, the vast snow-capped peaks of the Annapurna ranges are waiting to greet you. The time spent at the Annapurna’s periphery is limited, around 20-30 minutes. This is for security reasons. Staying more than 30 minutes is dangerous as the base camp is at an altitude of 4,130m. Reaching such altitudes in a very short time can lead to acute mountain sickness (AMS). But half an hour is enough to see some scenery, capture unforgettable moments and enjoy a delicious hot breakfast. During breakfast you could have a conversation with other trekkers as well as locals where you could get ideas about trail as well as various other things like culture and lifestyle of people living in that area.

3.Mardi Himal Helicopter Tour

One of the bone chilling helicopter tour experiences which offers amazing and unique perspective of the Annapurna Range. This helicopter tour offers stunning mountain scenery including the towering peak of Annapurna ranges and Dhaulagiri range. The tour offers panoramic views from Mardi Himal with some of the tallest peaks in the world. This includes Machhapuchre (6993m), Dhaualgiri (8167m), Annapurna range and Gangapurna. This tours offer views of bright sun drifting over the clouds and beautiful landscapes.

Usually for the people with limited time and money is not an issue but is adventure seeker such tours are idle for them as one can experience a  lot in very short time span. As well as people with fear of altitude sickness and is suitable for people of any age group this helicopter tour can be a great alternative to enjoy the base camp in one day or within few hours.

Imagine holding coffee or any hot beverage in one hand and breathing pristine air of Himalayas standing so close with temptation of getting to the top and talking with Himalayas. Yes, it may sound weird talking to Himalayas, but it is what you do when you when you are near the mountain and mountain are the place where you will get peace and tranquility with views that you get. As mountains are always compared to life with all ups and down that mountains and life has in common but when you get to top it is all worth it.

4.Muktinath Darshan By Helicopter

Hovering over the enchanting city of Pokhara overlooking the magical Fewa Lake and formally begin your helicopter tour to the Annapurna Base Camp. The Pagoda style Muktinath Temple is the religious place and presents religious harmony between both Hindus and Buddhists. Whisking chopper over the scenic valley and views of Annapurna and Dhaulagiri mountains takes you to a place of peace and tranquility Muktinath.

This helicopter tour to Muktinath passes through many historical sites and temples. Devotees from all along the world visit this temple in order to worship their deities. Muktinath is one of the holy place for Hindu and Buddhist community in Nepal and it is believed that if showered in 108 taps of Muktinath you will wash all your sins.

Due to unpredictable weather conditions and land topography helicopter tour is best option to explore the area.  The place is located on foothills of Thorung La, we reach the sacred site of Muktinath at the elevation of 3800 meters. The temple is built in the pagoda style dedicated to Lord Vishnu or Avalokiteshwara as the Buddhists call him.

One can experience a  lot in very short time span and is suitable for people of any age group this helicopter tour can be a great alternative to enjoy the place in a day or within few hours. You will get to see the spectacular view of the deepest gorge and valleys of Kaligandagi River.

5.Gosaikunda Helicopter Tour

Gosaikunda (lake) has always been a religious site that carries high value to both Hindu and Buddhist people residing in Nepal. Located at 4380m somewhere around Langtang National park which is an alpine fresh water lake.

This place has gaining popularity lately as people love trekking in such off beaten path and different place to trek in comparison to many popular tourist destination in Nepal. The place has always something unique to offer despite of season and trekking is only possible during the season. That’s why helicopter tour is recommended in order to see such pristine and picturesque lake located in middle of woods covered with snow.

Taking off from domestic terminal of Tribhuwan International Airport the round trip takes about an hour after ensuring safety of entire chopper as well as passenger. Whirling over Kathmandu and getting some city view, just some minutes later one will be admiring dispersed and diverse Tamang settlements. Flying over lush green forest we reach lake within 20 minutes of flying.

Landing on an altitude of 4380m, waiting for you will be Langtang mountain range right in front of you. The Gosaikunda Lake feels unreal and gives the vibes of peace and tranquility. The surrounding sound if birds chirping in the woods makes you leave everything going in your mind and makes you to be in the moment. One will fly above the Langtang National Park admiring the close view of highland human settlements, terrace farms, dramatic landscapes and the Mountain View in a very short period of time. If lucky, you can encounter wildlife including the Himalayan tahr, red panda, snow leopard, musk deer, and many more during the early morning.

Despite of limited time in order to avoid altitude sickness however, it is advised to make the most out of it. The weather can change from sunny to snowy real quick however chilly breeze remains constant. Having breakfast in nearby tea house is such an amazing place is one of the lifetime experience. Usually such tours conclude with a lovely breakfast at one of the amazing places of Himalayas.

6.Damadar Kunda By Helicopter Tour

Damadar Kunda (lake) is famous for Hindu religion situated in rain shadow area of High Himalayas north of Annapurna range at 4890 meters, it is cold and windy place. One of the holiest pond situate in Upper Mustang of Nepal. According to some Hindu scripture lord Krishna once told, the person who visit and take bath in holy Damadar Kunda will be free from any kinds of sins that mankind has committed in life. Believed as main source of Kali Gandaki River peoples who believe is Hinduism, hopes to reach this kunda at least once in their life time before passing away.

Usually, for the non-trekkers and the luxurious adventure seekers, or someone with limited time as well as people with fear of altitude sickness and is suitable for people of any age group. Filled with eye popping views of Himalayas like Annapurna, Nilgiri, Dawalagiri and many others from the window you could also get the view or restricted area of Upper Mustang and old Buddhist Kingdom of Lo.

During the flight one could also get the views of pinkish Rhododendron forest, lush green forest and some scattered local villages as well. A restricted area permit is required in order to visit this lake. Whirling from Pokhara about one hour ride. This area is also home to interesting animals like rabbit, wolf and many others.

From GHA

Apart from above mentioned and described tours we often make arrangement for many others pristine as well as popular places in Nepal. It’s more like you demand we fulfill with all the necessary requirements like permits, safety, experienced Pilots and many other miniature details that one unintentionally tends to avoids.

We do offer sharing helicopter tours where in one chopper is filled with five persons including Pilot. Depending upon altitude we also make separate flight as there are some places up there in Himalayas due to some technical issue with altitude flying regarding the weight of the chopper five people at once cannot reach there so we avoid such risky task flying with all five people on board. If you are single person and interested in such tours sharing chopper with other make it more budget friendly as well as you could make some new friends and memory the will be cherished during rest of your life.

Booking with a local travel exerts saves your time and money. We are always flexible to customize your itineraries based on your preference. We are always here right from the beginning and after the trip. For a decade we are operating an outstanding Helicopter tour in Nepal for thousands of clients all around the world. We promise the best cost and valuable services for the tour. We do offer various mountain flights, pilgrimage flights and sightseeing flights in affordable prices, yet quality service. Join us and make some memories together.

Lastly, life is more like an empty garden so it completely depends on you how you make it beautiful with right choice in the things you will be doing

Lastly, someone once told have story to tell not stuffs to show and make your story better with right partner to travel who provides you an amazing experience.

Helicopter Rescue

The most beautiful and most deadly places on earth where thousands of missions like Rescuing people from many places among which one of them is from Everest expedition. This is tough job for rescue pilot as the first thing is to gain the trust from the passenger.

Sometimes pilots are the one around to do maintenance and even refueling but they say it’s worth it to save lives. The work they do is really hard in terrain this wild where the only way to get out of trouble is often by air. Rescued survivors and removed bodies from altitudes that high, few would fly in relying on an oxygen tank to stave off hypoxia.

It’s really hard to make the judgment as really are dying up there and the weather is challenging Nepal’s air rescue industry as it has been tarnished in recent years by a scam where some travel companies and guides faked rescues to get insurance kickbacks. However we aware you to get away from such scams and help the rescue operators even your guide will ask you to do something like this.

Even though  it’s still a place where incredible feats of aviation occur including the world’s highest helicopter rescues at well over 6,000 meters and it’s only when you stand there, that you will get some senses of what the climbers and the rescue workers have to go through and how  hard is  to breathe. This straight away starts having an effect on your body but it’s the worst the mountains can do that brings out the best in Nepal’s unsung heroes like Sherpa and Pilots.

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