How to plan and when to go Langtang valley trek ?

Published on: December 19, 2022
Langtang Valley trek

The place doesn’t holds any top highest peak in the world like Annapurna or Sagarmatha region but it makes up as the place is less commercialized and the Tamang people are very hospitable and friendly. Trek to one of the unspoiled land, which is very different from major touristic destination of Himalayas of Nepal, Langtang Valley. The place is enhanced with beautiful Tamang heritage and Buddhist faith. Langtang National Park host several natural and cultural wonders of Himalayas in Nepal. The region is mostly dominated by Langtang range, Yala peak, Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung (7246) is the highest among all.

The place is filled with variety of holy as well as clear lakes like Gosaikunda, Suryakunda, and Bhairav Kunda are some of them. You could see alignment of two religion beautifully as such lakes are holy place for Hindu people but have lots of Buddhist prayer flags ensuring both peace and tranquility among the religion as well as for the people. The national park is home to well preserve and endangered beautiful creature like Red Panda. The place is also home to Wild boar, Cheetah, Himalayan Black Bear, Ghoral and Grey Langur. The forest area is covered with thick rhododendron, oaks and maple trees. Different species of wild mushrooms can also be found in the region. Be careful with such ablaze mushroom you might get poisoned.

During the trek you will come across many Yak pastures and local cheese factory. The best time for this trek is during autumn and spring season where you can see lustful forest of rhododendron as well. The Tamang and Sherpa communities are indigenous to this zone. Their unique culture, clothing and cuisine are strongly influenced by Tibetan Buddhist. In various places along the trail, you can see ancient monasteries and small stupas carved into prayer flags and wheels.

Tsergo Ri (5033 m) happens to be place not to be missed during the trek in region at Langtang. Tsergo Ri offers the magnificent views Yala peak, Langtang Ri, Langtang Lirung. It is just 2 hours hike in order to reach Tsergo Ri base and 5 hour to summit from Kyanjin gompa. You have to carry packed lunch from teahouse that you stay. Lantang valley trek gives wonderful opportunity in order to summit the Tsergo Ri peak too. Trekking in this area is comparatively more beautiful then other regions to trek. Honestly every region to trek in Nepal provides you wonderful experience and is different definitely. People living in this region are mostly from Tibetan region who inhabited long way back.

Best time to visit

The best time for trekking is March to April and October to November. We suggest you to avoid monsoon seasons in the middle of the year as the wet land have high risk of landslides. You can visit or trek during winters but many tea houses tend to be closed due to heavy snowfall in the higher area.


You will be needing National Park entry permit in order to trek in Langtang National Park. You can get your permit at office of Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) or up in the entry point of National Park. The permit will cost you like 3000 NPR and it’s easy to get it too. You just need to fill a form and hand over few passport size photo and passport copy. You need to have permit during entire time of the trek


The food on the trek is standard trekking meals. Fried rice, Chow-mien, potato, Dal Bhat soups etc. and the best part is you will get unlimited refill. Definitely up in the mountains foods are repeting as you have to eat same for days and days. Breakfast is usually porridge, eggs etc. The price of meal gets higher as you climb high as the products must be carried up by porters or donkey and tea house needs to pay more for porters.


The accommodation on the trek is usually tea houses. The rooms are basic and many place have attached baths. You might have to pay extra for charging of electronics, hot water etc. This price need to be paid totally depends on the Tea house. Some place don’t charge for charging for electronics.

Difficulty level

It’s mentally challenging but is suitable for people of all age group who doesn’t have mobility impairment. This trek route is considered as one of the moderate trails in Himalayas in Nepal as well. The trails are uphill but very few places have high ascending rate so it is recommended to carry some personal knee support. General Cardio is recommended as well before the trek. However it is suggest that take your time on trial. Do not rush and push yourself in comparison to your group or people you are trekking with. Just remember everyone is different and had different ability.

Langtang Valley Trek Itinerary

Day 1: Drive to Sybru Bensi
Elevation: 1462m. /  Drive: 7 hours / Overnight: Guesthouse. 

Day 2: Trek to Lama Hotel.
Elevation: 2500meters / Walk: 5 hours /  Overnight: Guesthouse

Day 3: Trek to Langtang Village.
Elevation: 3307m / Walk: 5 hours / Overnight: Guesthouse

Day 4: Trek to Kyanjin Gompa.
Elevation: 3798meters / walk: 4 hours / Overnight: Guesthouse

Day 5: Hike to Tsergo Ri .
Elevation: 5033 m / walk: 4/5 hours / Overnight: Guesthouse

Day 06: Trek back to Lama Hotel
Elevation: 2500m / Walk:  5.30 hours / Overnight: Guesthouse

Day 07: Trek to Sybru Bensi
Elevation: 1462meters /  Walk: 5 hours. Overnight: Guesthouse

Day 08: Drive back to Kathmandu.
Elevation: 1350 meters /  Drive: 7 hours.

What to expect

  • Well organized transport and accommodation.
  • Variety of flora and fauna (including exotic Red Panda)
  • One get to see a lot within time frame.
  • Value for money.
  • Amazing experience
  • Flexible itinerary with plenty of personal time.
  • Polite and friendly and punctual guides and drivers.(Kids friendly as well)
  • Experience and explore rural Nepal Locally.
  • Knowledgeable local tour guides.

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