Manaslu Circuit Trekking Cost and Permit Fees

Published on: June 17, 2018
Manaslu circuit Trek cost information

Manaslu circuit trekking is one of the reasonable trekking in Nepal. In fact is relatively cheaper than Everest but similar to Annapurna and Langtang. A less crowed and remote trekking to Manaslu is operated in tea house trekking since 2010. Our clients who visited Manaslu had positive feedback about nature and culture comparing Annapurna and Everest trekking.

In this article we are answering some question about Manaslu circuit trekking. Basically to complete a trip you need permit, transportation, Guide, porters, foods and accommodation.

Local People and Activities in Manaslu Region Local People and Activities in Manaslu Region

How much is the cost for Manaslu trekking permit and why you need all these permits?
During Manaslu circuit trekking you have to obtain Manaslu restricted, Manaslu Conservation area permits and Annapurna Conservation are permits form the Government of Nepal. If you are visiting Tsum Valley trek the you extra permit for Tsum Valley restricted area permit.

The Manaslu restricted area permit is necessary to enter the special region of Manaslu area. This is required by the government to preserve the area and carve down the tourist. Depending on the trekking season the cost of the permit is different and also number of days you will spend in the area. If you travel from September to November the cost is about Us $ 70 for a week plus US $ 10 per extra days. Then if you are travelling from December to August the cost is US $ 50 for a week and Us $ 10 Per extra days. The average trekking days in Manaslu is around 14 Days and you need restricted trekking permits for 8/9 days.

Manaslu Circuit Trekking

Along with you need Manaslu and Annapurna conservation area permits, the cost is NPR 2260 per person including 13% vat. Additionally if you plan Tsum Valley then you have to buy another restricted area permits for this area and cost is US $ 35 Per Person for a week per person.

Comparing Annapurna, Everest and langtang the permit fee is very for Manaslu but is very cheaper then Upper Mustang and Upper Dolpo.

Individual and single Permit of Manaslu is not issued by government. You have to go through register trekking company and at least 2 people are necessary to issue the permit.

We know this is hard to understand so we don’t want to make you more confuse! But you should not worry about it and let us give your all arrangements.

How much is the cost for Guide and porter Salary?
There are many trekking destination in Nepal where tourist can go individual but it is does not not apply in Manaslu. Without a government license holder guide you are not allowed to enter restricted areas of Manaslu.

Manaslu Trekking Guide Mr Raju Adhikari

Hiring a guide is not a expensive in Nepal. On average US $ 25 per day you can hire a guide which Includes guide’s foods, accommodation, insurance etc. Our client also ask if there is possible to go only with a porter in Manaslu. The answer is yes, however the cost of hiring a porter is comparatively cheaper than hiring a guide. Roughly you can hire a Porter in around US 20 Per day including their foods, accommodation and insurance. We also recommended to Our valuable clients to design a porter guide itinerary, that would be cost around US $ 30 Per day. This is good idea where your porter guide will do both help to shear your loads baggage and guide you through the trail.

However we highly recommended to go with Professional guide for safety regions and for sure to achieve the life Long experiences.

What to Expect from our Guide?

Manaslu Circuit trekking Manaslu Circuit trekking

We have professional guide who are at least 10 years experiences in Nepal Himalayas. They are well trained about the emergency and altitudes problems. All our guides have been done lest least 7/8 time in Manaslu trekking so there are very familiar good relationship with locals and tea House owners along the way.

How much is the cost for transportation in Manaslu trekking?
Manaslu would expected in an off-the-beaten-trail, has not connected any Public tourist bus services bus yet. The only way to reach starting point of trekking is to take a off road local bus to Arughat or Sotikhola or hiring a Jeep for those who want convenience. Riding a bus to Sotikhola is less than Us 10 per Person and if you want to take a jeep, the cost is around US 200 where you can Join 6/ 7 people. The same apply when you end your trekking in Tal or Besisahar to Kathmandu. The roas in Betwwen Tal to Besisahar is totally off-road where you can get jeeps roughly NPR 900 per Person.

What to expect from Local bus. Jeep ride ?
If you’re going to by local bus then you have to prepare to fir in a small seat with sharing space to other people. Bus to Arughat leave early morning around 7:AM and 8 Am in the morning, so you have to plan to reach bus station at least before 30 minutes. The first half of 90 Km is black- top road so it is comfortable but after this would be challenging ride, with dust, muddy and very narrow road. I suggest keep mask, sunglass and scarf and a bottle of water with you.

By jeep:- Private jeeps might a option for those who want to go Arughat comfortably. Also jeep riding is faster than bus to reach the destination and jeeps allows you to stop anywhere for lunch, snacks, viewpoints along the way.

How much is the cost for foods?

Foods During Manaslu trekking Foods During Manaslu trekking

Due to the remote area of Nepal foods are generally expensive than Kathmandu and menu choice are very limited. Those who have already been to other trekking routes, should be familiar with the rule that the cost of foods is increase as the elevation is increase. This is because it becomes herders to transport the high altitude. From sotikhola to Larke Pass, all the loads are transported by hard work by mean and mule. Roughly you can get 1 items foods in US $ 5 to 7 per meal. Approximately US $ 20 to 25 on daily budges will required for the foods. If you have been Annapurna before then cost is relatively same but Everest is still expensive then Manaslu and Annapurna.

How much is cost of tea House in Manaslu ?
Because of the less tourist destination you can get accommodation easily during Manaslu trekking. The Normally you have to stay in a twin sharing basis which offers two bed rooms and common toilet somewhere in the outside. The cost for the one night twin sharing room is roughly US $ 5 to 8 a night. If you want stay one single with twin bed so you could sleep your own but you have to pay the total cost of room. Bring a sleeping bag with is highly recommended, although beds, blankets and pillows are provided but not sure they are cleaned. Warm heater or bonfire will be provided in the dinning during the dinner time so you can enjoy here with local Nepali people and travelers from other countries.

How much does it cost for drinks during Manaslu trek ?
The cost of tea and coffee are relatively same in the mountain. The normal price for Cup of tea is around US $ 2 to 3, a cup of coffee is US $ 3- 4, a bottle Of beer US $ 5-7, A bottle of water is US $ 4 to 5.

Bottle water is available to buy each place of the trekking, roughly NPR 200 (US $ 2)in lower elevation and NPR 400 (US $ 4 ) in High elevation.

Are you planning a trip to Manaslu ?
First, tell us your requirements and your expectation. We will answer your questions with in a 12 hours and help you to design a perfect trip with a tailor made itinerary to best meet your needs.

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