Mera Peak Expedition 2023

Published on: October 18, 2022
Mera Peak Climbing

Some insights of Mera Peak

Mountain located on Solukhumbu district of Nepal with elevation of 6476m, Mera peak is also classified as a trekking peak. The peak comprises three main peak Mera North 6461m, Mera central 6476m, Mera South 6065m. Firstly explored by British expedition in early 1950s before and after ascending Everest.

Mera peak is popular with beginner climber and serves as a preparation for other higher mountains. The place is definitely physically demanding and challenging but anyone who is physically fit and has a strong determination can summit it. There are not many technical dangers apart from few small cracks & splits.

This expedition is perfect way to start your mountaineering journey as we provide good and well experienced guides, few training as how to walk with crampons and many others required things. Finally the mountains seen from summit are Everest, Lhotse, Makalu and several 7000 and 6000 plus peaks.

How it went…

Well it different then what it sounds. It’s not like yeah, this is itinerary, this is training, this is gears and poof you summit it. The weather has always been issue for Lukla flight. It is suggested to plan a few spare days then that of itinerary. Imagine stuck on some remote place with all your hope of climbing peak and getting things done that mixed feeling of excitement and nervousness. Once you reach the airport where the flights are waiting in order to fly Lukla are not even whirling the engines, you see plenty of tourist waiting for the flight and not even single flight has been taken off.  Is there any problem with flight? No. The pilot is late? No. What’s the issue then? Weather. Don’t you guys have weather forecast? Yes we do but its glorious mountains myan, it’s always unpredictable.

Above mentioned is just a small part hassle that every tourist face flying to Lukla. It’s always advised that choose your service provider wisely as such case always if you have an experienced service provider then they will provide alternatives that won’t hamper your time and help you to fulfill your dream of climb. Such service providers will go out of way in order for to reach to the destination from where the trek starts. Either flying a helicopter from Kathmandu to Sukre (a place nearby Lukla, 2 hour hike) or Ramechhap to Sukre. As from October the flight leading to Lukla will fly from Ramechhap only. Remember, the remote place where you might get stuck for days and days.

Once you reach Lukla with all the hassle, you will definitely find Place worthy of the hassle. Once you start trekking you feel ready, you fell nervous but excited. You are then joined by very generous, polite as well as well experienced climber Mr. Dorchi Sherpa who has summit plenty of mountains many times.

You are eager to know the unknown place ahead. The journey that continue to remind you time to time that your expectation do not serve you and you must take each day as it comes. Enjoy each day for what it is, what weather will bring if you are able to see the view or not. The challenge is how your body will feel and you have to take it day by day.

Plan at the very moment, you have to be spontaneous. Always be prepared and don’t worry about what you can’t control. Embrace the opportunity to experience the world as it is that very day, very moment. How cool is that you were there to see and our nature has planned the view for that particular day you are able to witness that.

Instead of heading up well marked trail leading to Everest base camp, day 1 heading some part east-ish towards Makalu Barun National park while crossing few suspension bridge. Watching local carrying some stuffs, moving towards crazy river canyons, the wooden bridge in order to cross the river. First few hours you are being followed by fluffier friend but it vanishes where to you don’t know. It was an amazing hiking experience and the day ends at Chatanga.

The second day is more into subalpine zones moving towards alpine zones but you are accompanied by astonishing mountain views. Moving through some small settlements which used to be yak and sheep huts now is a good place for warm beverage along with some snacks. The fog seems to be challenging and makes you nervous but the good push and determination of Mr. Dorchi Sherpa wins you over your nervousness and makes you want to move forward.

As you continue climbing into alpine zones towards pass at Chatra La (4600m) you find yourself chilling at a chilly weather with some warm beverage and you finally descent towards Thuli Kharka. It’s really weird that during your other treks you had to walk almost full day but you have plenty of time to sit at teahouses with some warm tea. You are being thankful for the warm shelter that tea houses owner provides and for amazing experience.

On the day three, we start with the journey down to Hingu River following the steep yet small trail. While walking down the Rhododendron forest you come across variety of shape size and color of Rhododendron. Some quick stop at some available tea houses for some foods then we again followed the trail towards Hingu valley. Finally we reach Hingu valley and rested for a while enjoying peaceful views with the sound of flowing water as background music. Waking uphill alongside the Hingu River until we reach village of Kothe. The place has really nice accommodation. This also tends to be short day of the trek. It is better trekking short and staying as your body gets acclimatized rather one full day for acclimatization.

Kothe to Thagnak (day 4) is more like passing through settlements some houses rivers and amazing views. The best part is crossing wooden planks acts as a bridge. Along the way you can see fluttering prayer flags some monasteries and faith of people living there in Buddhism. After few hours of walk finally we reach Thagnak. The lively evening at tea house of Thagnak is kind of beautiful experience on the trek.  People from different corners of the world all under one roof, chatting, sharing experience. The bustle and warmth buzzing inside as the night falls like every day.

The unexpected sunshine at the day five during the morning and you are surrounded by mountains in every side of you adds motivation to move further more and more. The blue sky, the white reflection of snow myan I can’t explain in words you have to be there to feel it. But unfortunately fog was eager to ruin it at a moment. Again moving forward experiencing the same kind of terrain but different experience. All those rocky terrain and came across beautiful glacier lake Sabai Tsho Lake. Foggy Mountain views with amazing trail and even more amazing Mr. Dorchi Sherpa what a deadly combination it was.

The rest day (6) and the training day was pretty good. Mr. Dorchi Sherpa taught some technical stuff as well as how to use equipment and many other ideas in order to summit the mountain. A small hike hanging around the place chilling and enjoying the lovely view that often gets ruined by fogs time and again. The weather may be not perfect but playing with clouds alongside the mountain has been amazing. Such view often offer you a different perspective on everything you do. It just make you realize a lot and often leads you to give attention in small things around you and make you curious. We again do some revision of climbing gears or our small little training session and get some nice dinner and good sleep.

Day seven when we were moving towards high camp, the snowy trail slowly and steadily we move forward. We wear all the gears and start climbing. It was long continuous climb even though we will just be gaining 800m elevation. The boots starts to get heavy on feet but all the motivation and the story Dorchi shared and the line to remember was “Slowly but Surely….” As we walk the world becomes white canvas with no horizon. Don’t remember which way we were but it’s there it’s there the mountains are, it’s there what you come for and without seeing any way we were moving slowly but surely we will get where should be getting. And after some time we finally reached high camp. All ready to set off for summit for tomorrow.

Mera Expedition

The 1:30 am morning a bit of breakfast getting ready with all the gears we set foot out. It was cold fresh snow, dark surroundings. Finally some glimpse of light before the dawn was really different experience.  Crossing some splits at mountain with scary, nervous, actually it was mixed feeling don’t know which word will exactly define that felt that very moment. The view was so amazing you feel diving into the clouds. And after hard climb finally we made it to summit at day 8.

Lastly, I would like to thank my very own Mr. Dorchi Sherpa (Senior Climber), an excellent service provider Global Holidays Adventure for making my dream of climbing and summiting Mera peak successfully. I totally gave up from the moment that my flight didn’t took off from Ramechhap despite of numerous try to get into helicopter. With lots of patience and many phone calls,  I don’t know to whom and making me realize climbing is not a piece of cake, but if you want it and with the team of such professionals will definitely help you to achieve it no matter how hard it is or you gave up. This guys make it happen once you say you want it. However the team of Global Holidays Adventure somehow managed me a chopper from Kathmandu to Sukre. Then I lived the glorious days of my climbing.

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