Upper Mustang Cave

Published on: March 3, 2020
mustang cave

Upper Mustang Cave | The magnificent and mysterious Upper Mustang cave, dating back from 2500 years,  has attracted a large number of curious researchers and archaeologists from different parts of the world. Upper Mustang is very popular for its Tibetan landscape and culture. There are several large cliffs and plateaus around Upper Mustang. This Tibetan landscape makes Upper Mustang the only semi-desert of Nepal.

Most of these plateaus and cliffs are well carved to form caves inside them which are one of the mysterious things in the present days. Astonishing numbers of around 10,000 caves are found in the side valleys of Kali Gandaki in Upper Mustang. Some of the upper mustang caves are dug into the Cliffside; some are tunneled from above.

Upper Mustang Cave | Shija Jhong Cave One of 10,000 Upper mustang Cave.

Shija Jhong Cave | One of Upper Mustang Cave

This man-made multi-storey Shija Jhong Cave is located near Chhoser village. It is one among the 10,000 man-made ancient Upper Mustang cave which dominates the blue sky with its height of 155 ft. Shija Jhong Cave is a masterpiece of a real sculptor.

Shija Jhong Cave is a 5 storey upper mustang cave with more than 40 rooms carved in such a way that they are adjoined with each other. There is a small entrance on the front side of the Jhong cave. Visitors need to climb some steep stairs to enter Shija Jhong Cave. After entering the cave, there are wooden ladders which are used for ascending. There are many rooms on every floor and the space inside the cave is like a tunnel. Visitors need to be careful and bend their head inside the cave. On the 5th floor, some holes are made as windows; from where beautiful landscape view with Chhoser and other adjacent villages can be seen.

Upper Mustang Cave | Shija Jhong Cave
Beautiful view from the window of Shija Jhong Cave, Upper Mustang Cave.

After multiple excavations, researchers and archaeologists found out that some rooms were used as storage of water and grains (food), some of them were used as sleeping quarters, some as burial chambers. Some ceilings were blackened by soot which was believed to be used as a kitchen.

There are various mystery and curiosity regarding the formation of Shija Jhong cave. It lies on the border side of Tibet which has various past exciting histories. It is also believed that Shija Jhong Cave and other upper mustang cave were carved by the people of Mustang during the ancient Tibetan war. The people of Mustang built this cave to get rid of threats and problems from the enemies. Also, they used this cave to get rid of cold and snow as well.

Amazing views of the Tibetan landscape can be admired from the Shija Jhong cave. It takes around 2 hours to reach Shija Jhong Cave from the forbidden kingdom, Lomanthang. One can reach here in around 30 mins on wheels.

More About Upper Mustang Cave

Scientists have also divided the usage of the Upper Mustang cave into three periods. Before 1000 BC, these caves were used as a burial chamber. During the 10th century, there was a battle in Tibet which leads the families to move inside the cave turning them into living quarters. Mustang caves were used as meditation chambers and storage units of grains, after the 1400s.

Upper Mustang is a well-known tourist destination. Upper Mustang was opened for foreign travelers since 1992. Until 1992, Upper Mustang was a restricted area. This fact made it one of the most preserved regions in the world. Even till now, Upper Mustang is one of the most remote and isolated regions located at the rain shadow of the great Himalayas. Foreign Travelers need to have a special restricted area permit to enter Upper Mustang which costs 500$ for 10 days. After exceeding 10 days, they have to pay $50 per day. Mostly travelers approach Upper Mustang on foot or on wheels.

Upper Mustang Cave | Shija Jhong Cave 
Visit the monastery carved into a cliff; Lowo Nyiphug Namdrol Norbuling Monastic School.

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Upper Mustang Cave | Shija Jhong Cave Upper Mustang Tour

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