Nepal lockdown for a week starting today

Published on: March 24, 2020
nepal lockdown

Nepal lockdown for a week | Nepal Government decided to go into a total lockdown after the second COVID-19 infected person detected in Nepal. The Government announced that Nepal will go into lockdown for a week starting today (March 24th, Tuesday) from 6 am till March 31st, Tuesday.

The Government had officially announced to close all the governmental, public as well as private offices and business. A total lock down means to stay at home rather than going outside to prevent the COVID-19. Also, the whole country will effectively be under curfew. Around 1.5 million people have already left Kathmandu for their home towns.

Nepal Government have announced everyone to stay inside them home as self-quarantine. Also, stay alert for updates and further notice made by the Government. Citizens are expected not to come outside their home until it is a medical emergency or to buy essentials.

Police officers and army forces have been placed in different locations as per the needs by the Government. Citizens coming outside without any emergencies will be barred by the officials.

nepal lockdown
Nepal lockdown.

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All international and domestic airlines are stopped with the total lockdown in Nepal. Government office, shops and public as well as private business are forced to close. All public as well as private transportation has been halted with the lockdown in Nepal.

It is still doubtful whether food and vegetable vendors and other essential vendors will be allowed for distribution as most of the families do not have enough stock for the lockdown.

Positive Cases in Nepal, Nepal lockdown

Till now, there are 2 detected cases in Nepal. 1 already recovered and 1 is a recently detected one.

  1. The first one was on January 13th, 2020 in a student who returned back from abroad. COVID-19 was seen positive but only mild symptoms. After frequent isolation, he was recovered and was discharged by the hospital (Sukraraj Tropical and Infections disease hospital, Teku). Furthermore, he was adviced to stay alone and practise self isolation for a week or more. He is fully recovered now.
  2. The second one was on March 23d, 2020. A nepalese student, aged 19 (female), who returned from France via Qatar, was tested positive for the COVID-19. Her identity has not been revealed for privacy issues. She arrived Nepal on March 17th. According to sources the throat swab of the victim was sent to National Public Health Lab in Teku on Saturday and was confirmed positive on Sunday. She has been transferred to the hospital for isolation. Also, her family members who were in contact with her has been placed under home quarantine.

Furthermore, the government decided to track all 205 individuals who shared the same flight with the 19-year-old student and get their health reports. Also, take neccesary action and place them in quarantine if required.

In Addition | Nepal lockdown

  1. Many governmental and non-governmental organizations are supporting and contributing for the possible outbreak of COVID-19 in Nepal.
  2. Government have announced not to trust unofficial medias and news. Always follow news posted officially by WHO and other official organization regarding COVID-19 infection in Nepal.
  3. Nepal govt. closed all land borders of India and China for security issues with conditions.
  4. Individuals who are over 60 years will get access to immediate COVID-19 test. Government is working on this.
  5. Dial 1180, toll-free numbr if you notice any suspect of COVID-19 around you (operated by Kathmandu Metropolitan City).
  6. Do not over buy things because of lockdown. But only essential things. Over buying can lead to shortage and others who need it may not get to buy it.
  7. Total of 610 COVID-19 tested and 2 were positive. (above mentioned positive cases)
Stay Safe, Stay Alert and Stay Isolated.
 Hope, we will overcome this COVID-19.


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