Nepal Luxury Winter Tour with FU Family !

Published on: January 6, 2020

We, Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd., operate tailor made tour, helicopter flight as well as trek package as per our client’s preference. We organize various mountains flights and overland tours around Nepal which can be a wonderful trip during winter. We manage luxurious accommodation, delicious food and make the trip an unforgettable holiday with your friends, family and loved ones.

Mary Antonelle and the FU family had a great winter holiday in Nepal celebrating Christmas and New Year 2020 with their loved ones. Mary Antonelle visited Nepal previous season and she got attracted by the beauty of Nepal. This winter, she decided to bring her family member in Nepal and have a quality time with them. She contacted us and asked us to manage the tour for her. We appreciated her proposal and asked about her requirements and preferences. As it was a Nepal family tour, we were aware that everyone including the kids should be satisfied and have a wonderful time enjoying the family holiday throughout the whole journey. So, we operated the tour accordingly. Our managing director, Mr. Samsher Parajuli, himself went with the family and handled the family.

The Family Tour Journey during winter.

Arrival at Kathmandu, Transfer to Marriott.
23rd December, 2019.

Our managing director, Mr. Samsher Parajuli himself went to the airport and extended a warm welcome to the family. The family members were very excited and looked ready for their vacation. Then, Samsher along with Mary and the family headed towards Marriott Hotel. The hotel assigned the rooms according to the reservation. The family members went to their assigned room to take rest and get freshen up. Samsher explained the itinerary briefly to Mary and told the plan for following day. After that Samsher returned making sure about the following days flight and ticket.

The family had a very wonderful time and dinner at the hotel. They claimed that the services that hotel provided was very satisfying and no-complaints.

24th and 25th December, 2019.

(As per the itinerary, the family will spend 2 days at Lumbini to explore the religious sites around birthplace of Lord Buddha.)

The family had a morning flight to Bhairahawa Airport. Our vehicle dropped them to the domestic terminal of Tribhuwan International Airport along with Samsher from where they took the flight to Bhairahawa.

After a short flight of around 30 minutes, they reached Bhairahawa airport where a private vehicle was waiting for them. The vehicle transferred them to Tiger Resort Palace as per the reservation. It is one of the best resorts of Lumbini certified as 5 star hotels with special services, facilities and a good environment.

Tour around Lumbini Tour around Lumbini !

The hotel managed their suite rooms according to the reservation made. They had their lunch at the resort and then spend the rest of the day talking and enjoying time together with the family members.

Samsher was always there to help the family if anything went wrong or out of the itinerary. Samsher and the FU family celebrated the Christmas Eve at the hotel together. The entire family member including the kids enjoyed their dinner together with live music performance. The family wanted to perform a special puja ritual in Lumbini, so they asked Samsher if he could manage that. Samsher told them not to worry and added he was there to manage all the possible things during the tour that they can do and experience.

The next morning, Samsher gathered them and went for the special puja ritual in Lumbini before breakfast. The ritual was led by monks of Lumbini. After the ritual, they had their breakfast. The local guide we managed met the family at the hotel and they headed for the whole day sightseeing around UNESCO world’s heritage site, Lumbini.
Lumbini was enlisted as the UNESCO world’s heritage site in 1979 because of its religious and archaeological importance. Lumbini is the birthplace of Lord Gautama Buddha and is a religious site which is a very suitable destination for family tour and spiritual tour. There are various sites in Lumbini which have their own history and can be explored around. There are various monuments, stupa and temple built in their own style by various pilgrims of different countries.

Tour around Lumbini Tour around Lumbini !

The family members looked very happy and amazed to witness and know the history behind Lumbini. They explored Maya Devi temple, Maya Devi pond and its surroundings and also witness the Ashok pillar. The family enjoyed a delicious lunch together and then continued their sightseeing. They had good family time at World Peace Pagoda and Myanmar Golden Temple. After full sightseeing, they headed towards the resort. Samsher and the family had great time together at the sightseeing tour and later at dinner too. The family members and the kids looked very happy and satisfied with our tour operation and management.

26th, 27th and 28th December, 2019

The next destination after the religious site Lumbini was Chitwan National Park. The family had breakfast at the resort and then checked in. A nice and clean coaster was managed to drive them up to Chitwan so that all the members could enjoy the drive together. It was around 6 hours’ drive to Chitwan. The coaster driver was also nice and friendly. He drove the vehicle safely and dropped them on time.

Chitwan Jungle safari tourChitwan Jungle safari tour !

After reaching Chitwan, they checked in to Barahi Jungle Lodge as per the company’s reservation. Barahi Jungle Lodge is an international certified Jungle lodge with complete theme of forest. The hotel told them to get ready for small wildlife tour for the day. Samsher and the family headed towards their room to freshen up and gathered together for the tour. They looked very excited for the wildlife tour. They had a jeep safari around the national park and witness various wildlife including one horn rhino during the safari. After the short tour, they returned back to the hotel. They shared and told a lot of things about each other’s experience. They had delicious dinner together at the hotel and spent a luxurious night at the lodge.

Chitwan Jungle safari tourOne horn Rhino in Chitwan!

Chitwan National Park is the oldest national park of Nepal which has been conserving various endangered species including Royal Bengal Tiger and one horn rhinoceros. Various wildlife activities can be done at Chitwan with local cultural dance and celebrations. This place is very suitable for photography tours, family tour, luxury tour and wildlife activities.

Jeep safari in ChitwanJeep safari in Chitwan!

The next 2 days were spent for wildlife tour and cultural activities around Chitwan. The family including the kids experienced and did all the possible wildlife activities and tours that are allowed. The kids were very happy and excited to witness the wild animals in front of their eyes during the Jeep Safari. They also rode the elephant’s back and went around the national park in search of one horn rhinoceros. The family was very lucky as they got a quick sight of Royal Bengal Tiger. They drove around the forest of the national park on the safari jeep and had their lunch with the best scenery. They spent a wonderful time together at the riverside enjoying their lunch with all the family members, kids and Samsher. Dining table and chairs were set for the lunch at the riverside. They enjoyed the sunset together with delicious food and special arrangement. They also enjoyed the cultural dance performed by Tharu community people. They experienced and did boating and went to witness crocodiles and alligators. They had a very adventurous time around the national park involving in all the wildlife activities and had a luxurious stay at Chitwan.

Hot Lunch at Rapti River BankLunch at Barahi Jungle Lodge !

29th December, 2019

After the exciting activities and luxurious stay at Chitwan, the next destination was Sarangkot, the best view point of Pokhara valley. So, after the breakfast at Barahi Jungle Lodge, the family packed their stuffs and checked out. They headed towards Sarangkot which was around 6 hours on a coaster. They enjoyed the drive and sceneries together in the coaster.

After reaching Sarangkot, they were transferred to Sarangkot Mountain Resort as per the reservation. The hotel is situated at nice spot from where the Annapurna ranges can be admired with other Himalayas. The family checked in to their rooms. They enjoyed the beautiful view of Pokhara valley from Sarangkot. The beautiful sun set view with the Himalayas background is one of the most glorious scenes to admire from this point. The family spent quality time together at Sarangkot with the best sun rise and sun set view and warm hospitality of the hotel.

30th and 31st December, 2019.

The family stayed at Pokhara for 2 days and also experienced the ABC helicopter tour. Pokhara is the 2nd largest city and major tourist destination of Nepal. Pokhara is very rich in natural beauty including lakes and mountains. It is a gateway to various treks of Annapurna region. Pokhara is suitable for photography tour, spiritual tours, family tour and various additional packages such as mountain flights, bungee jumping, paragliding, boating, cycling, etc.
After breakfast at Sarangkot, they headed towards Pokhara for the full day sightseeing. They met our local guide and then explored Mahendra cave and Devi’s fall. They also went to the World Peace Pagoda of Pokhara and had a great time around the stupa. They visited the international mountain museum of Pokhara. They spent some quality time around the lakeside. They were transferred to Mountain Glory forest resort at Pokhara which is one of the best resorts of Pokhara. It was situated in very peaceful place with trees around. There was plenty of space for the kids to play and run around. The ambience of the resort was very nice and the sceneries added more charm to it.

Annapurna Base Camp, Helicopter tour. (From Pokhara)
31st December, 2019.

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) helicopter tour is the best alternative of ABC trekking which can offer you best view of the Himalayas with Annapurna ranges and a landing at Annapurna Base Camp.

Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour Annapurna Base Camp Helicopter Tour

The family experienced a wonderful and thrilling flight to Annapurna Base Camp from Pokhara. We operated the helicopter tour of the family in 3 choppers because of the limited seat capacity. The helicopters flew one by one from Pokhara and landed simultaneously so that they could be at Annapurna Base Camp together and enjoy the Himalayas experience together. They had quality time around the base camp with all the family members including Samsher. The family and kids looked very surprised and stunned with the stunning top view of the Himalayas from the flight and the spectacular front view from the base camp. They also claimed that it was very worthy and the best flight of their life witnessing the Himalayas and the topography from the top.

1st, 2nd and 3rd January, 2020.

After the exciting experience of ABC helicopter tour and the overland tour, the family flew back to Kathmandu with Samsher on New Year 2020. They visited Swayambhunath, the monkey temple. Out city guide took them to Boudhanath and Bhaktapur Durbar Square for the valley sightseeing. They had a very great time at Kathmandu and a luxurious stay at Marriott hotel, 5 star certified hotel in Kathmandu.

Everest helicopter tour. (Kathmandu)
2nd January, 2019

From Kathmandu, the family also experienced EBC helicopter tour. We managed 3 helicopters for the tour from Kathmandu. They were very excited for the flight. They flew over Kathmandu valley to Everest Region, landed at Kala Patthar to capture the moment with their family and then flew to Hotel Everest View for breakfast. They enjoyed a delicious breakfast with their entire family member including Samsher at the world’s highest situated hotel, Hotel Everest View with the spectacular view of Mt. Everest and its surrounding mountains. They captured photos and enjoy the sceneries. Then, they flew back.

Family in Hotel Everest View after Everest base camp Helicopter Tour Family in Hotel Everest View after Everest base camp Helicopter Tour !

The FU family had a wonderful family time staying in Nepal during winter. They looked very happy and satisfied with the journey and their experience. Even the children were happy all the time throughout the journey. It was a very pleasure for us to operate their tour and flights. They were very understanding and easy to deal. We felt very lucky to operate the tour of FU family.

If you are thinking of travelling to Nepal or wondering whether to visit during your holidays, always feel free to contact us. Visiting Nepal can be a very best thing to do as it is approachable during winter too. The visibility will be clear with blue skies which makes the scene more appealing and alluring to enjoy and admire. During winter, long treks are difficult but you can enjoy short treks. We operate tours as well as short treks during winter. The prices are somehow negotiable during winter because of the low season. Helicopter tours are the best alternative of trekking during winter as trekking is difficult. There is more amount of snow in winter that any other season. The visibility is clear with nice blue sky. So, if you are travelling Nepal or thinking to give it a try, contact us for the best and reliable tour packages and services. We operate qualitative tours, treks, flights and other tourism activities during any season as per your requirements and preferences.

Are you planning to visit Nepal during in winter ? Let us make your tailor made itinerary for your wounder Nepal holidays.  Please contact us:

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