Nepal trek permit restricted till further notice.

Published on: March 24, 2020
Nepal Trekking

Nepal trek permit restricted: Tourists have to wait for further notice to trek in Nepal.

Nepal Government puts an end to trekking and other tourism activity until further notice due to the possible outbreak of Corona-virus (COVID-19). Similarly, the government has banned all peak climbing and expeditions including Everest for this spring season.

As Nepal was starting a huge campaign of VisitNepal2020, the global outbreak of COVID-19 forced the Nepal government to cancel all the marketing of the campaign overseas and unwillingly postponed the campaign VISITNEPAL 2020. (Nepal trek permit restricted).

Nepal Government has temporarily halted all foreigners to enter Nepal. This step can prevent a possible outbreak of Corona Virus in Nepal.

Every tourism business including airlines and hotels are facing a large effect on their economy. Not only the one in Kathmandu, Pokhara and other city areas but also the teahouses and lodges of the Himalayan region and those from the trek routes have been widely affected.

Tourist need to wait until further notice to travel Nepal | Nepal trek permit restricted

Nepal Tourism Board announced to stop the distribution of trekkers information management system (TIMS) card in a press meeting until further notice.

Trekker’s information management system (TIMS) card is a must for foreigners to trek around the routes of Nepal. Without TIMS card, tourist cannot trek in Nepal. TIMS card is consider as an important source for Nepalese tourism.

nepal trek permit restricted
TIMS CARDS | Nepal trek permit restricted


Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) were responsible for TIMS card distribution. TAAN estimated to distribute over 250 TIMS cards and over 50 by its Pokhara office and NTB around 200 each day this season. But the effect of COVID-19 has put it to an end.

Government restricted all international flights. This largely affected the flow of tourism. Nepal Government even restricted the land borders to India and China.

From today Nepal lockdown started until further notice announced by the Government of Nepal. An important step by Nepal Government. But it is way too slow for the announcement. The fear and risk of Coronavirus is increasing.

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