Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Adrien Brody is in Nepal !

Published on: December 3, 2019
Adrien Brody is in Nepal

Nepal has always been one of the best destination around the world. Annually, it is visited by many people for various purposes. Recently, Oscar-winning Hollywood actor Adrien Brody, is in Nepal. This is not his first time as he spent some days around Nepal back in 2015 for participating in various charity activities. He got attracted by the Himalayas and this time, he is here to trek in the Everest Region. He arrived a week ago and been posting image of Everest Region in Instagram. According to his post in Instagram, he is enjoying the Himalayas and the kindness and hospitality of Nepali people.

Adrien Brody

Nepal has always been visited by various celebrity, artist, singers, musicians, etc. Prince Charles, Ricky Martin, Leonardo Dicaprio, David Beckham, Bryan Adams, Selena Gomez, Bear Grylls, Lee min ho, etc. are some of the high class people who visited Nepal recently for various reason; some for holidays, some for business and charities. Some of them stayed around Kathmandu, Thamel and some to rural places and the Himalayas.

Adrien Brody in Nepal Himalayas

Prince Charles trekked around Pokhara; the route was later named as THE ROYAL TREK, David Beckham played football with local children when he was in Bhaktapur, Leonardo Dicaprio was in Bardia National Park in a global campaign to increase tiger’s population in the world. Selena Gomez visited Nepal through UNICEF to aware the local women about various social problems. Bear Grylls climbed Mt. Everest and also performed a paramotor up in the sky in the Everest Rgion. Bryan Adams performed a show in Nepal. Chris Adler, the former drummer of Lamb of God, visited Nepal for his tour “The Chris Adler Experience Tour.”

Not only now, Nepal was visited by various celebrities and musicians back at the 70’s and 80’s. Legends say that Jimi Hendrix and Mick Jagger once visited Jomsom; Jimi Hendrix with his year of visit is marked at the room’s door till now. It is also believed that Bob Marley and The Beatles also visited Nepal back at the 70’s following the Hippies trail of Annapurna route. Sting, one of the greatest musicians, rafted down the Trishuli River, visited Pashupatinath with his family and also performed at a local pub at Thamel.

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