Pashupatinath Temple and Bodhnath Stupa Tour from Kathmandu

Published on: December 11, 2017
Half Day Kathmandu Sightseeing

A half day tour in Nepal is a best opportunity to learn about two holy site of UNESCO world heritage site Pashupathinath and Bouddhanath Stupa. Visit two spiritual sites make a real practices of Hinduism and Buddhism. Also it is a great opportunity to yourself to visit longstanding and tradition beautiful architecture of Temple and Stupa.

Start your day from your hotel by a private car, eventually arrive to Pashupathinath Temple (Hindu sign). Build in 17th century the temple is dedicated to God Shiva. Your tour guide will explain details about Hindu belief and religious important on the cycle of birth and death. The area is wetness with the colorful monks and sadhu (The holy man), which emphasis on how they sacrificing for religious devotion.

Just behind the temple of Pashupathinath is the location of ceremonies, which take place along the bank of Bagmati River.

After explored the Hindu sign you will continue to Bodhnath, an important spiritual center for Tibetan Buddhism. The area of Boudhanath is full of daily rituals of Tibetan monks. This is the world’s largest stupa where religious adherents still pray and visit before beginning long journey such as Mt Everest climbing.

Your guide share about the Tibetan religious practices. Walking clock wise to the Stupa, observation the religious people, pushing the rotating prayer wheels and joining prayer flag to Stupa make Bouddhanath is the best choice for each and every visitors.

After finished your sightseeing, proceed to a nearby roof top restaurant for your lunch. Roof top restaurants are also the best view points to see the huge stupa.

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