Reasons to Visit Nepal 2020

Published on: September 15, 2018
Reasons to visit Nepal

Nepal is a dream adventure country for each travelers from the world. The high Himalayas, green forest, beautiful lakes, and varieties of culture, wildlife, white rivers and adventure treks are always welcoming to the tourist in Nepal. Nepal is a safe country as well as affordable to visit for any one from budget to luxury. So, what are you looking for? In this article we are writing 11 reasons.

1. 10 World Heritage Sites
Kathmandu is the home of World heritage sites. In Kathmandu valley alone there are seven UNESCO sites. Out of Kathmandu There are three sites Lumbini, Sagarmatha National park and Chitwan National park. So, If you make a plan to visit Nepal you will have many opportunities to explore the UNESCO heritage sites, a visit to Nepal is a right choice which will give you a big jump. It is a great opportunities where in a single day tour in Kathmandu offers you 7 world heritage sires with different architecture values.

2. 8 world highest peak over 8000 meter including Mt. Everest.
If you are a mountain lover and willing to see the granitic peaks then Nepal would be the first choice. It is the home of world highest mountains. Out of the 14 peaks above 8000 meters Nepal have 8 peaks including Mt. Everest (the highest peak in world).

3. 35 Popular Trekking routes
Nepal is the an ultimate adventure destination for trekkers and mountaineering lovers. Every year’s more than 200000 trekkers visit this country for the purpose of trekking. There are many trekking routes where some are easy and short for panoramic views and cultural attributes as well some trekking are hard because of remoteness and high altitude. In total there are 35 trekking routes in Nepal which are opened and survey by Nepal government. Out of them there are many trekking routes which are not explore and survey. Trekking in Nepal is great opportunity to explore the beautiful mountain views, green forest, verities of local culture, test of local foods, verities of wildlife and more.

4. 100 + Beautiful Lakes
Nepal has more than 200 lakes with a glacier origin including Tilicho Lake in Annapurna (Located in world highest elevation) and Gokyo Lake (the world highest freshwater lake system) which often gives a stunning, vividly blue color. The range of lakes are rapidly gratifying being close to cities and some lakes are far for the cities which takes couple of days walk.

5. Diversity and acceptance of religion
Most of the Nepali people practices Hinduism but there is a heavy Buddhism influences, and also some are Islam, Kiratism, and Christianity in Nepal. Because of diversity of religion and multiculturalism, travelling to the different parts of Nepal and experiences local values is an enlightening and shows what a unique place to visit.

6. Cultural Variation
The cultures found in Nepal are rich and unique in the world. The cultural heritage of Nepal loaded over the centuries. There are verities of cultural aspects in Nepali ethnic, tribe and social groups which are expressed by music and dance, arts and crafts, language and literature, festival and celebration, foods and drinks.

7. 10 National parks, 6 Conservation area, 1 Hunting Reserve and 2 Wildlife Reserve
Nepal offers wide variety of flora and fauna that has been consider as the Best collection in the planet. The government of Nepal has separated 10 sites as national peak which are hub of natural property and geographic variation, 2 wildlife reserve which are hub of wild animals and 1 Hunting reserve for trophy hunting and 6 conservation areas. The forest and protected areas are known for exotic snow leopard, the elusive royal Bengal Tiger, the endangered one-horn rhino, national bird lophophorus and thousands of species of birds and butterflies.

8. With over 10,000 species of Birds and Wild animals.
Nepal offers the great altitude variation in the planet. The lowest altitude is about 60 meters and highest is the summit of Mt Everest 8848 meters. The variation of altitude has resulted in great climate and biological diversity. So, Nepal is best places for birds in the whole Planet. It offers over 900 species of birds which is 10 % of the whole planet, makes Nepal is a paradise for birding.

9. 50 + rivers for white water rafting
Nepal is a mountainous and second rich country for water in the planet. The country lies in the south of Himalayan range and many rivers are origin from Himalayas. The main sources of rivers are lake, snow, and rain. During the summer snow melts and due to this rivers are full water throughout the year. Most of the rivers are famous for adventure rafting. There are more than 50+ big rivers where rafting is organized for the tourist.

10. Peace and serenity
The birth place of Lord Buddha Nepal is influence by Buddhist religion. There are plenty of lakes and stunning views. Nepalese are always happy people and Nepal itself has been considered a scared place for many years. This is where to go but if you wants to go away from it all its spiritual and perfectly allows some quite meditation whether you are trekking, temple-tour or gazing over a still, glass-like lake.

11. It’s affordable
Nepal is a surprisingly affordable destination for travelers. With low budget, you can enjoy your trip by using good hotel, choice of foods and activities. Of course there are very expensive hotels and restaurants in city areas but even with these you will get best room and services. Along with this you will get very affordable price for activities like trekking, tour, Jungle safari, rafting, paragliding, mountain flights etc. So, If the money if your Everest or Nepal there will no problem for you.

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