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Published on: July 15, 2020
skii in nepal

Nepal, being one of the pristine destinations for trekkers and adventure seekers, has been launching various recreational as well as winter sports for both domestic and international tourists. As Nepal has various high mountains and climbing peaks, it can be the best destination for winter sports and adventure. With the presence of high snow-covered mountains and peak (8 out of top 10 highest mountain peaks), Nepal is looking forward to developing ski tourism utilizing the natural as well as potential human resources which can uplift the tourism sector and its development. Being a home of numerous snow-capped mountains, ski tourism can be a good initiative for attracting more potential tourists for high altitude skiing.

Season for Skiing in Nepal

Ski is a type of sports that involves sliding down from high snow-covered hills with the help of Ski equipment. Basically, it is also known as downhill skiing as skiers have to slide down from high hills. Ski is an adventurous activity which is very popular for both sports and tourism nowadays. Also, medically it is proved that skiing is good for your health. This adventurous sports are popular all over the world ad has become a part of the tourism sector. Most of the tourism sector include ski-mountaineering and ski-trekking as a part of ski tourism.

skii in nepalSki in Nepal

Countries like Japan, China, South Korea, and some other Asian countries have already started investing on Ski tourism and are attracting a large number of tourists annually during the winter. Likewise, Nepal has also started researching potential ski tourism in various destinations. Various local, as well as national organizations, are introducing ski tourism and providing training to youths for its promotion and development.

Best Ski destination in Nepal

Being a country with numerous high Himalayas, ski tourism has a high potentiality in Nepal. As Nepal is considered as a trekker’s paradise by tourists, Ski tourism can be a good approach for winter sports activity and adventure. Skiing around the lap of the Himalayas is the dream of most of the skiers and skateboarders. Trekking up to the final destination and then sliding downhill from the highlands can be a great experience for the adventure seeker and enthusiast. This not only gives them the sports spirit but also gives them a chance to explore the Himalayas and nature. Ski tourism will help to increase the flow of tourists during the winter season too.

There are only limited agencies and companies that provide Ski adventure. As ski tourism is a new product for Nepal, it requires a lot of research and trials for the ski destination. Kalinchowk has been a popular destination for ski adventure during the snowy season (winter). Located at an altitude of approx. 3800 m, this whole place is covered with snow during the winter which makes it a perfect destination for a ski adventure. A wide number of domestic as well as international tourists visit this place annually.

Beside Kalinchowk, various companies like NMA, Ski Guide Nepal, and other international instructors are working for ski tourism research and development. Annually, they organize various programs and training seminars for youths (especially trekking guides, climbers) with necessary ski equipment and gears. They have been researching potential destination for the ski adventure and has found that places like Mera peak, Annapurna Base Camp, Manasalu, Dhaulagiri, etc. are suitable as ski destination too. As these places are well covered with snow during the winter season, they can be a perfect destination for Ski tourism. Most snowfall occurs after December. So, it is best to open ski tourism which can help the tourist inflow during winter as well.

skii in nepal
ABC: Ski in Nepal

Courses like ski introduction, basic and advanced training are provided by some companies annually in the winter season. Last year in 2019, ski and snowboard Nepal organized an introductory course of the ski at Annapurna Base Camp where a number of participants participated. They had a long overland journey and then trekked up to the base camp from where they started skiing. International ski instructors provided training to the youths with sponsored ski gears and equipment. The course went successful with Annapurna Base Camp in the ski destination list.

According to Rojal Maharjan, one of the participants of the training session stated that he learnt many new things about Ski from the session and was one of the best life memories. He added that youths should be given more opportunity and priorities for these types of activities with local participation and awareness.

In addition, ski & snowboard Nepal also organized the first ski and snowboard competition at Kuri Bazar, Kalinchowk. This is a well-known ski destination of Nepal with a perfect view of the Himalayas. The training was provided to the participants for the first 2 days and then competition on the 3rd day.  These types of programs help to motivate interested youth and can be a good approach for the development of Ski tourism in Nepal. Likewise, recently in June 2020, some local skiers and travelers skied downhill on the snowy land of Humla exploring a new pass at an altitude of approx. 4350 m. This also states that Humla can also be a perfect destination for Ski tourism in winter.

skii in nepalIn picture: Rojal maharjan; Ski in Nepal

As there are many courses, research, and training going on, it is more likely that ski tourism will be more advanced and managed in the upcoming days. All the concerned authorities, governments, agencies, and individuals should contribute from their side for this adventurous winter sport which can make Nepal tourism more advanced and developed. More destinations should be researched and opened for this winter sport which gives more thrill and adventure to the sports enthusiast and adventure seeker with a magnificent Himalayas view.

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