Things to do in Kathmandu (Non-Touristy)

Published on: March 5, 2023
Things to do in Kathmandu

Well people are always busy chasing the history, knowing historical importance of place and in place like Kathmandu, Nepal obliviously, the place has rich history. Sometimes we wonder, why people who are in vacation don’t find the alternative way and follow the guide only. So we present you list of the things that could be done in free time of your visit or alternative way to enjoy in Kathmandu

Top 10 things to do in Kathmandu


Usually a place that have live performance that is beyond imagination in order to present the experience of real or imagined event in front of live audience in stage. Sometimes actors may communicate through combination of gestures, speech, songs and dance as well. Element of art such as painted body often reflecting scenery some ideas regarding the play. Stage craft such as lightings are used to enhance the presence and experience of the people watching. People who loves such art or who are in search of inspiration as well as some actors for the shoot in Nepal this place is perfect for you. The art and custom design can sometimes be influencing factor for emerging fashion designers. There are only handful theaters in Kathmandu and some of them are:

2. Mandala Theater

Formed in 2008 AD by group of youngsters in order to keep consistency of the work, this theater is known as group of young, talented, passionate as well as enthusiastic and dedicated theater workers of Nepal. For more than a decade, they have been exploring, popularizing and preserving the theater culture in Nepal. The place is also registered as non-profit organization in order to serve its respective mission and vision.

Throughout the theater production the place is committed to develop and practice a creative style that is based on Nepalese culture, voice of justice, political awareness and human rights. If you are looking for something different apart from touristy activity or regular things that is done by tourist in Kathmandu then watching some creative souls could be a great ideas. However language might be an issue but art has no barriers.

3. One world Theater

The English language theater company in Kathmandu dedicated to present intercultural, social justice, plays from south Asia, Contemporary American play that are affordable, professional, experimental as well as relevant. This theater regularly involves International Guest artist in many of their productions who shares his/her expertise with Nepalese artists.

The theater productions is mostly focused on societal issue. Women empowerment, LGBTIQ and other social justice as well. Established in 2010 Ad One World Theater produces multilingual productions including Sanskrit, Hindi, Persian, Urdu as well as English and Nepali. The theater has pride and always keep up to the pride on introducing innovative and experimental theater practices.

Lastly, there are few other theaters and many theater groups performing in the same place and if someone is fond of art and is willing to film in Nepal and looking for some actors then looking at theater culture is good idea for you. This is also good place to grab the knowledge related to fashion and movie making industry.

4. Markets

From traditional old markets to modern market followed by some pop up markets which is trending lately in different parts of Kathmandu. The place sells handicraft, conceptual fashion related good, painting, prayer flags, Thanka, herbal teas etc. and many more. The markets will fascinate you as the place offers few crowd, hustle bustle and variety of goods

5. Ason Bazzar

The exotic, old market that signifies the civilization of Kathmandu valley. It is said that it was one of the first market of valley. People used to buy all daily essential to luxury items in past days and the trend is going on still but in very less amount. The place used to trading hub for Tibetan as well as Indian traders.

The place is also lively and vibrant neighborhood of Newari community too apart from market. The place holds several small stupas, old-traditional Newari buildings, Temples, art, its own festivals and notable history. Along the lanes there are small vendors selling daily household goods like vegetables, dried spices both exotic and normal, textile, traditional Nepali dress and many others. Gold shops handicraft, paintings etc. are available too. People if Nepal usually says you will get A-Z of your requirement in markets of Ason


The tourist hub is great place to shop for Nepali handicraft as well as trekking equipment. The place have it all from exotic boutique hotels to cheap hostels, exotic bars to cheap bars. This is the best place to buy some souvenir like singing bowls, Thanka paintings, Pashmina, prayer flags and many more. Beads and traditional jewelry are also available in the street of Thamel.

Despite of narrow streets and chaos, it’s a shopper paradise as it has variety of product in low prices. From foods to currency exchanges or mountain gears whatever you need you will find. The way the market is presented it’s a place not to be missed at all once you are in Kathmandu

7. Phulbari Street

The area is surrounded by, stunning Buddhist monasteries, and traditional Tibetan Thang-ka paintings. Additionally, there are exciting festivals held all year long that are worth the trip. However, Boudha’s streets are always bustling with enthusiasm, even if you don’t visit during festival season (usually from February to April). Any way boudha’s street are always lively and you could find the excitement around every corner.

Turning right out of the Stupa’s back door will take you to the twisting Phulbari Street, a lively shopping area that will make you forget the tranquility of the Stupa just a few steps away. You may find anything on this street, from western-style apparel and bags to traditional Tibetan artwork like Thang-ka paintings and wooden masks. Of course, Thang-ka paintings, a traditional Tibetan style of painting with deities or mandalas, are among the most favorite purchase

8. Pottery Square (Bhaktapur)

Bhaktapur holds lot of historical importance but has a lot more than history. The art, sculpture etc. and many more. Pottery square is famous for ancient mud carving into desire shapes. Lately a person can also make their own desired shape pots which is an amazing experience. The place have a lot of artistic activity to do. Another famous markets in Bhaktapur are Dattaterya and Taumadi square are famous too. The place has variety of café offering variety of foods and beverage along with plentiful experience. Ever wined and dined in place premises? Well then this could be wonderful experience to be part of

9. Organic Agro Market

The weekend farmers market in area nearby Boudha, in premises of Taragaon Museum. The red bricked museum lies beside hotel Hyatt Regency. The quality of product is particularly good and is certified by District Agricultural Development office as well. So if you are looking for some organic foods, exotic and something different regarding foods then this is definitely a good place to be. The market is also opened in Saturday mornings

10. The art Market

Located in Sanepa and established by Yellow house bed and breakfast, this market focuses on contemporary art and crafts of Nepalese designers. Someone can expect to find paintings, screen printed t-shirts, and hand crafted jewels to much more. Usually accompanied by live music, the place is good to grab some brunch and chill. The vibrant and lively environment is something distinctively the place has to offer. This is a pop-up market and has no regular schedule and sometimes location also varies. It is advised to check Facebook page (The Art Market) for more insights.

Apart from Organic Agro Market and The art Market there are plenty of other pop up farmers market as places as Le Sherpa, Labim Mall. The market at Labim tends to be less expensive in comparison and last for longer hours. The local project is something to be checked out at Le Sherpa’s farmers market. The local project supports youngsters of Kathmandu as well as Nepal and is giving them great platform in order to display their arts or products.

Food stops

Well the café and bar culture is booming in cities of Kathmandu valley lately as people get the taste cuisine and beverage that’s circulated all over the world. There are plenty of bars and restaurants high end to budget but there are only handful place that actually have a touch of standard. In this part we focus on some parts of small town called Jhamshikhel located at Lalitpur. We strongly believe that food, ambience and service must be good in order to be a good eatery and lately for good eatery Jhamshikhel has been a hub. The place also has some of the exotic bars that offers exotic beverages.

Apart from this
If you are looking for some authentic cuisines of Nepal then following are some cuisines available in Kathmandu valley.

Newari Cuisine

The authentic, mouthwatering and flavorful cuisine consisting of variety of beans, potato, spinach, eggs, Chhoyela (meat item), pickles and many more items. This food is really balanced meal as it consist of all necessary nutrients required for body to function properly. The best newari food items are available in local eatery nearby streets of Patan, Bashantapur, Bhaktapur and Kritipur. There is not any high-end restaurants serving such items. You must handpick eatery as lot of local streets do not follows hygiene. Honacha in Patan, Ama ko Bara pasal in Bhaktapur, Newa Lahana in Kirtipur, and there are many in Bashantapur are some handpicked resturants serving some exotic Newari cuisine

Thakali food

Usually similar to Nepali thali being served by many resturants as well but the change in Thakali cuisine is Dhido in palce of rice. The cuisine of people from Thak Khola region of Mustang which is famous for its landscapes as well. The meal consist of locally grown buckwheat, barley, millet, rice, maize and lentils. The pickles are also included with gundruk (dried spinach) and ghee (clarified butter) as well. There are lot of resturants serving Thakali cuisines in Kathmandu valley.

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