Things to do in Nepal

Published on: September 10, 2017
Ama Dablam Mountain

Haven in the earth, Nepal is a wonderful Himalaya country. Named as Shangri-La, roof of the world, Living culture Museum, birth place of Lord Buddha and country of living Goddess. Nepal offers an amazing diversity of sightseeing attraction, mountaineering adventure tourism and eco tourism which are important attraction for visitors.

There are many places and activities in Nepal which are suitable from budget to Luxury, normal to adventurous  tourist. Here are the listed things to do in Nepal.

1. Trekking in Nepal

The natural diversity and exotic culture makes this country ideal for trekking and hiking. Depend on your time schedule you can join from a single day hiking to month. Mt. Everest, the world highest mountain in the world, historical monument, the variety of the culture, ever green forest, wildlife and unique geography make every travelers amazing and welcome.

2. Nepal Tour

Heaven in the earth, Nepal is beautiful by its cities and their beauties. Kathmandu is the capital city of Nepal. It is full of Cultural and historical sites. It is famous for the ancient palace, architecture, Buddhist Stupa, Temple and many mores. Pokhara is another tourist spot of Nepal. Pokhara is full of beautiful mountain views, Some fantastic lakes, green hills, caves, gorge and other natural sites. Lumbini the birth place of the LORD BUDDHA is another famous spot of Nepal. It is the historical as well pilgrimage site of Nepal. Next Chitwan is another spot where jungle safari and wildlife activates are famous. Inside Chitwan National park live tiger, one horn rhino, deer and many more are available.

3. Peak Climbing

Land of the Himalayas Nepal is the home of thousands snow-capped peaks over 5500 meters. Nepal is the best country for mountaineering in the world. Measure your physical fitness and ability and choose the mountain. Mt. Everest the top of the world is also lies in Nepal. Currently 326 peaks are available for climbing. Most of the trekking peaks of Nepal are higher than the highest mountains in Europe and Usa.

4. 3.5 Hours Everest Helicopter Tour

3.5 hrs Everest helicopter tour is the best option to explore the Himalaya of Nepal. Started from kathmandu this tour leads to you to the mt. Everest and landed at Kalapattar 5555m mt Everest you will be visited thousands of peaks and mountains. This is the best option for those who are seeking to visit Mt. Everest but physically and timely unable to reach there. Along with the helicopter tour you will have breakfast in a mountain five star Yeti mountain Home. Within a 3.5 hrs it will be the best experience in the lifetime.

5. Day Hiking

Day hiking is also a good experience in Nepal. Each of the tourist sopt there are many spot for day hiking. Near by Kathmandu there are more than 10 hiking routes. green hills are fantastic with the view of kathmandu and some beautiful mountains including mt. Everest. Nagarjung hiking, Shivapuri Hiking, Nagarkot Chisapani Hiking, Dhulikhen Hiking, Chandari Giti Kalu Pandey fort Hiking, Champa Devi Hiking, Chekhen Daurali Hiking and many more day hiking rours beautiful for adventure lovers. If you have one day in kathmandu lets make a plan and hike one of them. Almost 5 hrs hiking is like a small trekking in mountain areas.

6. Everest view Mountain Flight

Every morning there is mountain flight from Kathmandu airport. 1 hrs journey leads you to the Mt. Everest. If you are doing city tour Nepal, do not forget mountain flight.

7. Trishuli River Rafting

Rafting In trishuli river is an excellent opportunity. How much you have time there is possible one day, 2 days, three days rafting from Kathmandu. Along with the rafting Trishuli river offer diversity of demography, landscapes, culture her age and flora and fauna. This is One of the easily accessible from Kathmandu.

8. Wildlife Tour

Nepal is the home of some specific animals. Various types of wildlife found from lowland Tarai to up 6000 meters elevation. There are some animals and birds which found only in Nepal such as the Spiny Babbler. The wildlife of Nepal includes its flora and fauna and their natural habitats in different climate & altitude. Elephant, Rhinocers, bengal tiger, snow leopard, Arna, black buck, Nilgai, Gauri Gai, Spotted deer, Axis deer, leopard, barasinghe, wildcat, bear, musk deer, Tahr, ghoral & much more wildlife found in Nepal.

9. Cycling Tour

Nepal is of the best destination for cycling. It offers environmentally sound way of exploring this magnificent country, its landscape, living heritage, incredible mountain views and local culture. There are several cycling routes inside kathmandu valley and Outside of the Kathmandu. Kathmandu nagarkot, Kathamndu to Daman, Kakani, Kathmandu to Pharping, Upper Mustang cycling are some Of the bets cycling routes in Nepal.

10. Pilgrimage Tour

Nepal is best place to explore the religious sites. Nepal is a main spiritual destination of the world where you find numerous of temples, Monasteries, stupa with various gods and goddess existed. As Nepal the land of God –Goddesses so great opportunity to you for rejuvenation your spirituality involving our special pilgrimage tours in side and out side of Kathmandu valley. Nepal has most popular Hindu temple Pasupatinath, one of the Largest Budhist stupa – Boudhhanath stupa, Birth place of gautam Budhha Lumbini, world heritage site Swyambhunath (monkey temple).

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