Tibet Travel Permit and Visa for International Travelers

Published on: September 6, 2019
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Traveling any part of the Tibet you are compulsory to have Tibet Travel permit. It is unlike travel to any other place in the world. A land of picturesque landscapes, stunning scenery, unique Tibetan culture and devout Buddhism, Tibet is amazing travel destination. Along with the Travel permit travelers are require Chinese visa to enter the Tibet. The Tibet autonomous Region of China also has other documents before you travel. We are providing this information to make it easier for International travelers to manage their trips, here is list of require fact information how to get them.

Independent Travel in Tibet:-
Since 2008 independent travel to Tibet is not permitted, now to travel in Tibet you have to be pre-arranged your trip with a registered Travel agent. It means before you travel to Tibet you have to book your tour, get your Tibet permit and documents, Chinese visa, flight and transport for your whole trip. This is only possible with the help of registered travel agency who operate Tibet Tour, providing day to day itinerary, professional tour guide, drivers for the entire duration. So, Travel agencies like Global Holidays adventure is only the way to get permits for entering Tibet.

How to arrange the Documents for Tibet Tours:-
First of all to arrange your Tibet tour you need to book a trip with a reputed government registered travel agency (like Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd) before 15 to 20 days. After your confirmation email your Tibet permit will be processed then you can enter the region. However, if your itinerary is travelling from mainland china to Tibet by train or flight then you need have your Chinese entry visa before booking your trip.

Tibet Travel Permit:-

Tibet Travel Permit

The main require documents to enter the Tibet from any direction is Tibet Travel permit. This permit give you the permission to travel to Lhasa and around the areas of Tibetan Plateau. This permit is issued only for your trip duration and require 15 to 20 days before to departure. After your booking we will make the application on your behalf using scanned copy of your Passport and visa (if required). You are required your Travel Permit while boarding to trail or flight to Tibet.

Chinese entry Visa:-
Chinese entry visa is the standard visa for China as a tourist. Obtaining a tourist visa of china can be done at the nearest Embassy of the People ’s Republic of China in your home country which takes around three working days. The application process of the Chinese visa  are different for country to country where some countries required to Make personal application while some countries allowed by registered email. There are also several countries where travelers are required the visa by Chinese Visa Application Service Center (CVASC).

To obtain your Chinese visa you need following documents.

  1. Original passport with at least six months validity.
  2. A complete Itinerary your trip to China
  3. A complete visa application form with no errors.
  4. Two passport size photos.
  5. Proof of return or onward from China.
  6. Proof of hotel booking.
  7. Relevant visa Fees depending on your home country.

Chinese Visa Fees:-

American Passport Holders: Us $ 175 Per Person

Romanian Passport holders: Us $ 115 Per Person

Canadian Passport holders: Us $ 155 Per Person

Other Nationality: Us $ 85 Per Person

Chinese Group visa for Tibet tour:-
If you travelling to Tibet from Kathmandu then you do not need Chinese visa before you book your trip. The Chinese Group visa will be issued only when you arrive in Kathmandu. The visa will apply by using your Original passport and other permits and documents by your travel agent. Personal applications are also not permitted from Kathmandu. After collecting your original passport, completed application we will summit your application in Chinese Embassy in Kathmandu. The visa process takes minimum three working days and application submitted on Monday before 11 am will be available on Wednesday for collection. During the period you will visit Kathmandu heritage sites and enjoy your time In Kathmandu.

Alien’s Travel permit:-

If you are planning outside of Lhasa then you are required Alien’s travel permit which allow you to travel unopened areas of Tibet Like Tsedang in Lhoka, Shigatse, and Gyantse and other areas.   It is also needed in conjunction with other permits for travel to other parts of Tibet. This permit normally applied once you arrive In Lhasa by using original Passport and Tibet travel Permit.

Additional Information:-
For those travelers who are travelling from Kathmandu Nepal, you are not required restricted area permit, unless you are visiting to Ngari, Nyigchi, or Nagqu on your duration. All other permit are required on your Hand before crossing the border.  Also all permits are require who are flying to Lhasa from Kathmandu.

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