Upper Dolpo Trek, one of the Isolated Trekking Destination Around the World

Published on: February 26, 2019

Traveling around the world ? Trekking has become wonted activity in general. People mostly get their gear up and search for mountains, trees, and foliage like places, away from throng of people, skycraper, wanting to stay at hamlet and sometimes completely away from gadgets. Entire world, where such secluded places are discovered, and visited, people might more likely to not have a savvy picture of Upper Dolpo trek region (isolated trekking destination in Nepal). Well, a solemn hiccup in the main tourist magnetism to Nepal.

Enwreathed with Himalayan mountain chains, Dolpo is geologically part of the sedimentary Tibetan-Tethys zone, making up the greatest part of the area of the Dolpa district in Nepal. Nepal is unrivalled when it comes to trekking because of its lavish mountains, nature complexion, bewitching places to explore too, and many more. Everest base camp trek, Annapurna trek, Manaslu trek, Langtang trek, etc. are the main trek regions in Nepal while people have started popping up their interest on trekking to Dolpa region whilst Dolpa being the most isolated place to trek for. Despite being the largest district of Nepal covering almost 6% land of the whole country, due to its not approachability, the human settlements are thin with several places still being unexplored.


isolated trekking destination in Nepal Source: trekkersnepal.com

Why explore this Isolated Trekking Destination in Nepal ?

A common axiom “Tranquility is often procured after a strenuous strive” and same goes with Upper Dolpo trek. You will need to go through hardship walking up to this region and the outcome, it’s commendable. The main enticement of Upper Dolpo trek, Phoksundo is the deepest lake of Nepal, famous for its forever translucent turquoise clear water. Another attraction is Shey Phoksundo National Park, the largest national park in the country with protected endangered species like Snow Leopard, musk deer, etc. Mount Putha, the peak where skiing is doable while the Bheri river where Kayaking is an absolute pursuit to do. When coming to the whereabouts, the panoramic views of Dhaulagiri mountain and other high mountains on the way, Buddhist’s holy place crystal mountain and Shey Gompa, Tinje Valley, Dho Tarap Valley, Sinjha Valley (where first Nepali language was flourished), etc are the hallmark of Dolpa region.

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While Rara Lake, the biggest lake in Nepal is the perfect port of call for Dolpa along with Phoksundo lake. Espy the alluring Dolpo peaks right in front of your eye with Mt.Kanjirowa that prepends with the beauty of them Dolpo peaks.

There are the villages in the region where people speak typical language which is only limited to their hamlet and nowhere outside the world. This can illustrate the level of farness of the area from the existing facility.


The time when this isolated place scintillated on the meadow of tourism was when the 1999 French-Nepalese movie Himalaya became the first Nepalese film to be nominated for an Oscar award. Kenneth M.Bauer gave an insight into the local customs of Dolpa region documenting the flawless and pure folklore of Dolpa people. This movie then drew the Nepalese concern as well as evolved trekker’s tempt to visit this place then after.

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