Upper Mustang Information

Published on: September 14, 2017
Upper Mustang Information

Upper mustang is a restricted trekking area of Nepal located in the Northan part of Nepal. Trekking to Upper Mustang is similar to tour in Tibet, as geographically it is a part of plateau. Mustang was only open for visitors after 1992. Before visitors were not allowed to enter the forbidden kingdom of Mustang. The area is perfect destination for generous scope is offered for visiting Buddhist Monasteries.

Explore ancient Buddhist monasteries, Cave and Tibetan influence culture, life style of people and beautiful landscape make Mustang trekking is a best choice. The trekking starting from Kagbeni and follows the Kaligandaki River crosses some of the beautiful villages of influences by Tibetan culture and art. Tea houses are available from binging to end of the trekking. Lo-manthang is the final destination of travelers where visitors can explore ancient Buddhist monasteries, Cave and other important of Mustang.

Daily Life style

Before when border was open, winter was the time for trade with Tibet. Now a days, the greater part of Upper Mustang’s villagers trek south after the October harvest and spend the cold months earning livelihood In Pokhara or Kathmandu. Livestock is the most important sources of Cash income. People keep the cattle for milk, meat and fuel. Large hards of goat and sheep are driven to south part for sale at the end of Sumer. Dzopa a crossbreed fromyek and cow plough the fields. Horse and mules are used to carry the People and loads.

Due to the dry climate agriculture is not possible without Irrigation. Barley, buckwheat, peas and Potatoes are the Main product of Mustang.

Monasteries and Festivals

Religious plays the important roles in the life of Upper Mustang’s people. Festival like Lhosar (Tibetan new year , Jan/Feb), Saka Lugka (Rise for timely rains and a good harvest Fer/mar) or Duk Chu (Monk’s dance and prayers for a prosperous next years Nov/ Dec) structure the Passing seasons. On various occasions lamas are called to perform rites in Individuals houses. Tiji Festival is the great festival among the mustang’s people. Famous three days Tenchi festival trekking is celebrated in front of the King Place. All festival of Mustang is celebrated according to Tibetan calendar. TIji is held normally in the month of April or May.

The Glimpse in Upper Mustang belong to the Ngro Subsect of Sakya Buddhism. Each villages of Upper Mustang they have monasteries which are over 800 years old. Kag Chode Gumpa in kagbeni, Tsrang Monastery, Jampa Monastery, Thubchen Monastery, Ghar Gumpa, Luri Gumpa are the famous monasteries in upper mustang.

Facts in Numbers

Size of restricted area: 2567 sq. km.
Population: about 6000 people
Household: 1168
Settlement’s: 31
Visitors per years: approx. 1000
Wildlife species: more than 250 plants, 28 mammals, 2 amphibians, 63 birds, 2 reptile,
Major monasteries: 13
Major caves: 5

Foreign nationals who wish to visit Upper Mustang must organized their trip through a registered trekking agency. The agency take care of trekking permits and other formalities.

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