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Bhutan is a unique travel destination where one can explore hidden treasures of past glories enhanced with ancient traditional culture, Buddhist religion, beautiful architecture and its traditional way of life. The country of Thunder Dragon, Bhuan still can wetness the tantric Buddhism way of life. There are several options to enter Bhutan from its neighboring east India borders of Darjeeling-Kalimpong or Sikkim or straight from the Baghdugra airport near Silguri of West Bengal India. One can take a flight from Kathmandu using its national carrier Druk Airlines and Bhutan air which flies thrice a week to Paro International Airport of Bhutan or from other Indian cities.

To enter Bhutan, a valid Passport required obtaining instant visa where one needs to apply minimum of one week and using proper Government registered Travel Companies. The great interest of bhutan tour you can explore from two cities and rural country farm life in the backdrop of high snowcapped peaks. Bhutan tour generally includes visiting various interesting Buddhist monasteries and villages similar to Tibetan culture, But Bhuan has more tantrism religion which have been practicing form ancient time to present. The tour takes you to fabulous and impressive historical monuments, monasteries, Dzong (fort) and enjoy special Bhutanese cuisines. A hike to Taksang Monastery Tiger’s Nest and tour of 17th centaury Ta-Dzong, and Druk Gyaldzong are some of the best experiences for anyone. Bhutan is also famous its colorful festivals all year round to observe and feel happy. Please let us know right festival then we will provide exact festival dates and duration of respective different festival in Bhutan.

Global Adventure Pvt.Ltd. is one of the best Bhutan Tour Operator among the operators available in Nepal. With numerous tourist reviews and satisfaction, our tour operator has become one of the prominent operator Nepal wide. Contact us directly for the Bhutan tour.

We also provide the other foreign tour to Tibet with Tibet Everest Base Camp Tour and Lhasa Tour.

Bhutan Tour
Bhutan, popular as the Kingdom of the Thunder Dragon, offers ...