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Mustang Trekking

Mustang lies in the Northern part of Nepal beyond the Dhaulagiri and Annapurna Massifs. The rain shadow region, touching the end of the Tibetan plateau, is also popular as the last forbidden Kingdom as the place is highly restricted without the permit and once was an autonomous Kingdom.

Mustang has distinct natural and cultural features as compared to other part of the country. The region which barely sees rain constitutes treeless barren landscapes with the ancient caves in the high hills. The dusty yet colorful hills evince the incredible beauty of nature in the green less form. The place also known as Mini Tibet is highly influenced by the Typical Tibetan culture and lifestyle. The indigenous people follow Buddhism and arts-painting is highly prioritized. The historic monasteries, chortens enrolled with prayers flags, prayer wheels and other various festivals provide experience of century old tradition. Lo-Monthang is the capital of former Kingdom of Mustang. The history of Lo-Monthang is embellished with myths and legends rather than recorded facts. Therefore, Mustang Trekking is worth visitng for the short treks as well as long treks are available too.

Global Holidays Adventure provides various budget packages for trekking and non trekking tours to the Mustang region with high quality and hassle free service. Mustang trekking (18 days) is recommended for people who love to dwell in nature on their foot and for highly adventure trip we have Mustang Bike Tour. Mustang 4 WD Jeep tour is designed for the travelers with less fitness or physical ability and less vacation time. We have designed Mustang Tiji Festival package available both as trekking or Jeep tour, this tour offers the experience of century old rituals in addition to other cultural and natural aspect of Mustang. For a highly religious pilgrimage trip we have Damodar Kunda Trekking.

Go for Muktinath Darshan via Helicopter directly. Also don’t miss out Upper Mustang Trekking and Mustang Tiji Festival Tour.

Mustang Trekking
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