Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd

Global Holidays Adventure Pvt. Ltd is a government registered trekking and tour company adminstered by the highly qualified, motivated and result-oriented professional trekking and tour leaders of Nepal to promote adventure tourism within Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. We provide almost everything that one could possibly expect in a trek, tour, expedition or entire holiday packages. We offer you a wide variety of choices from specialized packaged tours to tailor-made holidays trips throughout <a href="">Nepal</a>, Tibet, Bhutan and India including Himalayan foothill trekking to family, honeymoon & pilgrimage tours. Moreover, we offer various services such as trekking, Helicopter tour and Jeep tours to the scenic and unexplored Himalayan region of Nepal, wildlife tours in several parks and reserves, adventures package such as peak climbing, bungee, rafting, paragliding, zeep flier, canoeing and other many more. All these tours are managed with hassle free services and with deep attention to every details that will decorate your life long memory of holiday in Nepal. With more than a decade of experience we have managed a vast network that enables adventurers and travellers to plan and enjoy their holidays in each and every corner of Himalayan region of Nepal, Tibet and Bhutan. Global Holidays Adventure is the perfect example of burguoning youth enterpreneurship which has also enabled the local community to have a fairer amount of income ensuring the nill impact on environment. In other words, Global Holidays Adventure has always been the supporter of eco-tourism from its inception period, keeping in mind the present context of climate change facing the world. Appart from it, we also have been supporter of various social issues such as employement generation in rural community, avoiding child labour, volunteering and donating during the period of disaster, above all, we have always been a promoter of quality education in the hilly and backward region of Nepal.

In conclusion, the primary objective of the Global Holidays Adventure has always been optimum customer satisfaction with the hard work and experience we have gained so far being involved in tourism industry. Our 100 percent input has been reflected in the 99 percent success rate of our tour packages. Give us a chance to serve you and we will stand for what we have promised.

We are a registered company.