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What is Trekking ?

Actually trekking means a long distance travelling on foot. Simply to say, walking at places where transport is not available does not come under mountaineering. Mountaineering means dwelling to the peaks of mountains using the ropes and all. This is completely different. It is just walking along mountains and making lot of adventures during the journey.

Generally these trekking will be done by trekkers at mountains and peaks The Himalayan routes are most famous for trekking. It takes many days together making hiking trips through rural and rugged territory. Trekkers are the people who engage in longer trips through all the regions of the world. While trekking, trekkers do outdoor sports, rock climbing and backpacking. But this is totally different from other types of travel. As travelers move on foot from place to place, they will excite experience from incredible scenery.

Most of the trekkers will walk in isolated areas where you could not find even one person during your journey. But it allows you to interact very close to the nature. It includes climbing a rock wall, crossing a mountain range etc. The ultimate aim of trekking is to walk for exploring various new things and enjoying the nature and nature’s sceneries. Mountain ranges and peaks are also very beautiful places to visit once in the life time. But it is not as easy as you think of. It is a difficult process of exploring through walk on mountains. For some people, it seems to be most enjoyable thing. But for some others, it may end in itself.

There are many trekking companies which are very leading in organizing tours, trekking holidays, mountaineering and reaching you to wide range of destinations. They will take you and help you during your trekking to the hardened mountains which you wish to make trekking. At high altitude trekking also they will help you in all the ways. These companies help you by explaining the information about the high altitude, number of days take to reach the mountains, maximum working hours, average altitudes and many more things. Your total trip can be pre defined. Your aspirations can be fulfilled if you clearly explain you interest on trekking and the high altitude which you prefer.

In one way, it can be said to as an adventurous activity. You need to walk in the areas where no one can predict you whatever thing may happen to your health. The standards of healthy environment vary from place to place. Most people do not prefer this type of adventurous journey. You need to have flexible approach and sense of humor to go for trekking. Many adverse things are expected before starting trekking. You should think again and again. After that you should decide about the trekking. Bad weather, sickness, damage by rains and many things impact your journey surely.

Thus, trekking depends on lot of factors. You should spend your time, take interest and prefer the location of your choice. Your trek may last for 2-3 days or it may take longer. It will totally depend upon your wish. Some companies will accommodate you at certain spots. Then you can take rest for some period and again can start by next day. You can trek happily but taking the help of guides is very important.

Nepal is known as a trekker’s paradise in this way there is variety of trekking adventure options awaiting the trekker. Trekking trips are available in four categories from easy, moderate, strenuous and challenging level treks categories by trails nature. Camping and tea house trekking are available in Nepal according to service. Trekking usually consists one of the series of ascents and descents walking on average 5 to 6 hrs or 9 to 14 KM. per day with a guide. Trekking is different from other sorts of travel it is best Himalayan adventure to enjoy the spectacular mountain scenery, rivers, and villages, uphill and downhill via nature trail.