Cultural and Festival Tour

A country of festival Nepal has many festival and those festivals are celebrated hugely. Being a cultural country, it is said that there are more festivals then the days we have in our calendar.

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Surya Thapa Travel Consult

Surya Thapa

Travel Expert, Nepal

There are several festivals those are celebrated all over the country such as Dashain, Deepawali, Chhat, Buddha Janyanti, Christmas, Mani Rimdu, Teej, Maha Shivaratri and others. We Global Holidays Adventure offers tours and trekking in Nepal with festival in our itinerary. It is not possible to make tour package for all festival so, we have selected only some Of the most popular festival in our itineraries.

However if you are interested to see some of the festivals those are listed in our packages or other festivals, you can always write us and ask then we will tailor tour for those festivals as well.